White paint for kitchen cabs with Carrara marble

breezygirlJuly 12, 2011

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I swore I wasn't going to obsess over the exact white paint for my new kitchen cabs, but I can't help myself. I've been tearing my hair out and now must decide. My counters will be a very gray (almost blue-gray) Carrara marble.

Close-up. The tone is much more blue-gray in person.

I'm having trouble finding a white that is warm enough not to look stark, but cool enough not to look yellow when next to the Carrara. My cab painter took it upon herself to do a sample door in SW Alabaster, which looks great until you hold it next to the Carrara where it turns very yellow. Next, I chose BM Chantilly Lace which looked a bit creamy on the chip. I thought it would be perfect. When you get the painted door sample near the marble it turns very hospital cold white. I have a big wad of white chips, but I'm not good at visualizing how a chip translates to a cabinet door.

At this point under my time crunch, I can only consider paints that are available locally like SW, BM, Kelly Moore and anything at HD or Lowes. I'd like to use BM Satin Impervo Waterborne for the actual paint. Any color suggestions? Or ideas how to choose? Help!

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Breezy, I emailed my builder to get the formula they used for our cabs (actually, the cabinets were painted at the factory, but the painters matched it for all of our trim, so the formula should be close to identical.) I will post it to this thread as soon as I get it! :) My carrara is very gray/almost bluish as well.

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A fair number of folks use BM White Dove, which is a fairly gray white.

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I know that this isn't quite the same situation since our countertops are black Marinus granite and only the island is Alabama White marble, but we do have marble subway tile backsplash that is a bit greyer.

Anyway, our cabinets are BM Mascarpone from the Affinity collection & I think it looks great with the marble. It really warms it up since it might have gone very cool with the BM Nantucket Fog walls.

All of our painted trim is Mascarpone and we just love it.

HTH - Jo Ann

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Not a kitchen but we used BM simply white in our bathroom with carrera marble tops. BM white dove is nice too.

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HUGE fan of BM White Dove ... getting ready to paint our upper cabs this color !! Good luck ... look forward to seeing what you decide !!

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drjoann--happy to see you. Where have you been? Maybe I've just been missing your posts. If you have moved in, can you post an update???? (sorry breezy for the hijack)

Breezy, can you grab an off-white color fan deck from BM, for example, and just go and fan it out on the marble and see which colors seem to pop out as a gray undertone? (I have no idea what to suggest)

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A color expert told me to use BM sparkling wine. It's a warm white and nice and light. We love it. I used SW roman columns for my trim in the kitchen.

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Fori is not pleased

I used Kelly Moore "Swiss Coffee" on my kitchen cabs (it was the stuff all over the trim on my house when I moved in--one of their most popular whites. I didn't want to obsess over whites either when I had a perfectly nice white left by the POs.). It looked good with everything, even all the Carrara samples I brought home. I ended up with a very gray marble (and blue ceiling) so I don't think it'd fight with your nice slabs.

Not quite done photo:

My Realtor made me repaint the walls. :(

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I also vote for BM Mascarpone, it's a great soft white not yellow at all

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I have black granite, and really went wracked my brain on what color to choose for my white cabinets. I went with BM White Dove and love it!!!

They mixed into Cabinet Coat paint for me.

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I looked at all of your helpful suggestions on the largest paint chips each store had available. Here's what I tried out with painted samples and how they looked with my marble:

*White Dove--sickly yellow-green undertone
*Gardenia--very pretty but had a slight peachy undertone
*Mascarpone--too yellow
*SW Snowbound--very close but had a slight pink undertone
*a few of my own formula concoctions
*color match to the Kraftmaid white cabinet sample door I haven't returned yet

And then I finally tried Simply White. Winner!! It's perfect. Chantilly Lace was a very simple white, but too stark. Simply White is also a simple white and has a touch of yellow, but not enough to turn it yellow like Mascarpone. It's just warm enough not to look sterile, but not so warm it's yellow.

And now I will use Simply White for all the trim in the main part of the house since every room is basically open to each other, and the trim on the cabs will run around the entire ceiling.

Thank you everyone!

Fori, Drjoann, Pps7--loved seeing your rooms again. (Fori, tell me again why you left that great space! ;))

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Drjoann, i am in LOVE with your kitchen! Beautiful!

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If your kitchen faces the south or the west, the sun will cast a more yellow/warm light, I learned that in this forum.

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Just an FYI - your marble will probably have a slightly different appearance when it's laid horizontally, so I don't know if that will affect your color choice or not. Just speaking from experience...

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I love all the pictures of the white kitchen cabinets! Cherry kitchen cabinets and white kitchen cabinets are my style. My paint chips seem to indicate my kitchen looks best in BM Simply White, BM Cloud White and BM Chantilly Lace when it comes down to paint. All three looked nice. BM Dove White was But I still need to change out the outdated fluorescent lighting that may change my perception of the white paint colors. So much to do with so little time.

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