Another Cloth Mosaic

texaswildJanuary 4, 2013

Started this vest three yrs. ago, and never finished it. Working on Jeannie's Crazy Cloth inspired me to finish.
Crazy Quilt Vest

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Fabulous. The colors and shapes are amazing. I always check out the quilting exhibits at the local fair and have thought about all the time and work put into such wonderful creations.

I see the connection between fabric and mosaics now.

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oooh so cool!, What is the weight of the thread you are sewing with? it almost looks like embroidery floss. The bottom reminds me of a tie skirt my dd picked up at goodwill last summer, so cute!

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The decorative stitches were made w/pearl cotton. Have had it for many years when I was into crazy quilting - have made four of them. I meant the bottom pieces to look like fan parts, but got them too skinny at the base.

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That is just to cute!!love it!!!

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Love it Slow!!! You just never cease to amaze!!

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