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jkatJanuary 10, 2010


I am new to this forum, but not to mosaics. I have wanted to do a large outdoor table top for several years, but have put it off because I am not sure where to find a base sturdy enough. I want it to be around 40" diameter. I also want to create the entire top, not use one that comes with the table. Does anyone have any suggestions? All the iron bases I have seen have a top that is not removable or are not large enough. I am afraid that the mosaic on top will be too heavy for the base.

I have also never attempted an outdoor mosaic. Any suggestions on a lightweight base to apply the mosaic to? The tile backer board for wet areas seems so heavy. I also want to put metal strip around the edge to finish, and I don't know if a concrete board will split when I attach the edging.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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OK - are you ready? I read this earlier in the day, and was completely stumped, but after thinking on it, here's my suggestion. Lowes has the cardboard tubes that are used in making columns. I have used them to make a column for my front garden. On that, I used two sizes - one inside the other. I mixed up Quickcrete, and poured it between the two sizes, making a hollow concrete pedestal - four ft. tall. My suggestion is to use one tube, cut it to the height of your table, and mix up the Crete and pour into it, making a solid base. I let mine cure for five days. Yours w/need to cure longer. THEN - are you still interested? Using the rubber-lined garden gloves, cut diamond lathe mesh - also found at Lowes - into the desired size of your table. It comes in 28" X 8'. You w/have to stitch two sections together for your 40". Cut out your circle, leaving about an inch for turning in the edge. Clip the edges one inch, and w/pliers and turn them under. Put two more pieces of lathe together, in order to cut your 40" circle, and use the same technique as above, turning in the edges. Lay it on top of the first circle, trying to cross the way the diamonds lay in order to hold the mortar better. Using 17/18 guage wire, stitch these two sections together, being neat as you can be. THEN (you still reading?) mix Quickcrete mortar mix to the consistency a little dryer than peanut butter, and w/your gloved hands, lightly apply the mortar between these two layers, smoothing it as neatly as possible over the top of your structure. Cover this all up w/plastic overnight, and the next day, it w/be ready to mosaic w/thinset. This w/be a bit heavy, but this is what I would do, if I wanted a strong, enduring table, in any climate, on which to lay my mosaic. I learned this technique from Riana in a Puerto Vallarta workshop at the Hacienda Mosaico. If you'd like to see her gardens, I'm attaching her website. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have, should you be interested in this technique. Several members of this forum have used this technique successfully.
Concrete sculpture

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Here is a table that I did. I used the table top and added backerboard, then mosaiced on top of the backerboard. It is 43" across... It does have a good sturdy base already though.

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Wow-very inspiring!!! The table turned out beautiful!

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Love the table. Like the design. Can be used to dine and to game. There was one done on another forum using 12x12 tiles for place mats, and 4x4s for drinks. The fill was pebbles. Such a cool idea for a table.
Great job.


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