First Glass on Glass

gardencroneJanuary 13, 2010

I hit paydirt the other day at a stained glass shop. A large tub of glass pieces that were going to be tossed! The glass fairy must have been looking out for me. I thought I would try glass on glass pieces in preparation for doing the doors of an entertainment center. At any rate, I certainly had enough stashed glass plates to give it a start. Will have to figure out how to hang it when it's done...haven't thought of that yet. I realize now that I need to learn to CUT the glass, not just nip it to smithereens.

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WhooHoo! A glass score! Always like to hear about those!!! This looks great so far, very nice design!

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duh, I went to your pages and commented there but not here. sorry, lovely work really! congrats on the glass score!

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I do so love those oportunities to pick up some goodies. You do get a nice assortment of glass to use. Your work i great. Keep it up.


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Thanks all. Have been in mosaic desert what with the holidays and nasty weather in FL. Want to finish my MG, but have to do indoor work. Has been fun to play with the new glass. So appreciate your kind encouragement!!!

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lucky girl!
no one ever throws away anything here. or i just don't know where to look for things...


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Your nipping looks good to me. That'll be a rosey little number. I especially like your red/black coffee plaque.

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That looks great! I love the balance of the design, and that pink glass is scrumptious. Like strawberry ice cream.

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Jenel....don't say ice cream...I can feel my hips expanding as I imagine! lol. Thanks too Cal and Slow, it keeps me going when I hear good things. I am still working on my ideas for the background. Wish it were easy, but then it wouldn't be so rewarding.

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Thats looking like a pretty good starting point to your career with glass on glass.

Its such a versatile medium. I did some a few years back, in the form of round mandalas,
take a look if you like:

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained Glass Mosaics

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Wow, I just saw this post. Beautiful! Congratulations on the haul - those opportunities are few and far between.

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