Building a New Home! Kitchen Advice!!

ktipperMay 1, 2013

My husband and I are building a new home (our first!!).We have lived in apartments for the past few years, and are ready to have a proper kitchen. We are trying to pick out our appliances and are so overwhelmed by all the choices!!

I would love thoughts on ranges (we are thinking 36 inch, bluestar range or cooktop). The difference between open and closed burners, heating, durability, maintenance...everything!

I just read about the Gaggenau ovens, and I am in love, but I think they are out of budget! I bake quite a bit, and my husband being an Englishman requires a Sunday roast! I am open to suggesetions!!

I would love the same direction for dishwashers and refrigerators (not built in!)

Also, I am in the Houston area and would love some advice on who to buy from, warehouses that sell floor models etc!

Finally, if you have any cool ideas or things that you did special in your kitchen that you can't live without now, please pass them on!

Much appreciated!!!!!

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Your appliance questions should probably go to the 'Appliances' forum. Range vs. cooktop can depend a lot on how big of a new kitchen you'll have.

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Houston area advice - we shopped all the major kitchen stores, and ended up getting our appliances from several different places, depending on who had the best price, who had the most decent customer service for the item, etc. Not every distributor had every line. We ended up using a distributor on Richmond near Weslayan for our Thermador fridge and a distributor on Yale in the Heights for our Wolf cooktop. Dishwasher and wall ovens came from Sears. So there you go.

About choosing your cooktop and oven - you and DH should have an honest conversation about what kind of cooking you do now, and want to do in the future. The cost of a chef quality cooktop or range is quite high compared to "regular" items, but if that kind of cooking is what you want then by all means you should splurge. If you are just happy to cook nice food and want a workhorse of an appliance, I think you can choose among many good reliable brands and be satisfied.

Watch for specials at Sears because you can get a great deal on prices there if you catch a sale. Same with Lowe's and other big box stores.

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@karen_belle. Thank you! We visited both the Richmond location you are discussing and the place on Yale. Our builder is sourcing this for us mostly, but I want to visit somewhere with really knowledgeable staff...not something we have experienced so far.

My husband owned a restaurant in England before he came here and cooks at a pro level, so he wants something on that level. I am extremely neurotic about baking, so we want something fairly high end.

Thank you for your advice!

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Hi - I would urge you to investigate getting an induction cooktop. My husband and I love to cook, and have been die hard gas cooktop users. It was only when our new home could not accomodate the extra space required for a gas range that we had to look at induction.

We absolutely LOVE induction. See a demonstration at your local appliance store before you make any decisions!

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