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EATREALFOODApril 5, 2012

Would you 1)match wall paint to uppers to blend in 2) a different shade of white(with gray overtones since the floor has a lot of gray) 3)a non-white that complements the floor & adjoining room(Benjamin Moore Seedling is what I have now).

The cabinets won't be in for weeks...I will keep the Seedling after the cabinets are in for awhile to see if it works. I love a nice green especially since the floor reminds me of a garden walkway.

The living room that opens to the kitchen is painted November Rain above the chair rail molding and Morrocan Spice below the chair rail, the small hallway is November Rain and the 2 small bedrooms are Urban Nature and Wind Chime. One half wall in the living room is exposed brick. All are BM Aura except November Rain which is BM Regal.

Has anyone used Aura Bath & Spa ? I read that it is very washable and great to use on kitchen walls(now I find out !:(

Here is a link that might be useful: Benjamin Moore --Seedling

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I think that is a pretty color, but I wouldn't match the uppers and wall paint. I would want the uppers to stand out.

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Thanks for your opinion marti. I like that color green too. Sometimes people match the wall to the white uppers so they blend in. I can't make a decision until I see the cabinets up. I know also that I'm not the only person to change the wall color after everything is in place :)

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Me either. Do you like the green for the wall or the cabinets?

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I'm with Marti - I'd want the cabs to stand out.

the wall color also puts some color into the room - then you can pick up it and other colors in accessories. most any color goes w/green - it's nature.

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Hi marti & desert
Upper cabinets will be soft white, bottoms medium Cherry Coffee. I'll have to see if keeping the seedling green makes the room too dark.

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Love the seedling green. But then I am a green person. I mixed up a batch of paint spur of the moment deciding to paint a room and 40 miles from paint store. LOL I was lucky and the mix turned out the prettiest soft green. NOW I need to get that green color matched because I am going to continue it down the hall and into the master bedroom.

I am a big fan of green walls with white trim. Hoping to do a lot of white mirror frames on the master on the light green walls.I want the crisp white against the green but right now in living room the color white on trim is called Crisp and clean and it is a slightly off white. Say soft white.

AND I painted a room three times within a year before I got it right. Hang in there LOL

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EAT -- Given the inspiration pic you posted in a different thread, I can see why you're considering painting the wall and the uppers the same color. I think it works really well in the inspiration pic because the white is so creamy that it comes off as a color, rather than simply white.

In small spaces, you might not want too many disparate elements to stand out separately, so painting the uppers and wall the same color could make a smaller kitchen feel larger and more peaceful/less choppy.

For example, I painted my baseboards the same color as the wall in very small rooms in my house, because white baseboards tend to have a "belt" effect and make small rooms look smaller. If a room has a big window, I'll paint the window trim white, but paint the trim elsewhere in the room the same color as the wall, to keep the focus on the window. Some people think it's heresy to essentially mask the trim, but I think it makes smaller rooms look larger and less visually cluttered. I think the same idea would apply to your upper cabinets, and blending them in could make the room feel larger.

Also, if you're planning beautiful stained lower cabs like in your inspiration pic, having the uppers and wall the same color will keep the focus on the stained lower cabs. And if you include display space in your uppers, the display items will stand out, rather than the upper cabinets themselves or the walls.

In short (after this very long post), I think painting the uppers and walls the same color will allow you to keep the focus on other elements of the room, and might help a smaller kitchen look larger.

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....what mcgillicuddy said....
yeah, I agree with that. The different color would tend to distract from the big emphasis on the classy base cabs.

and draw the eye to horizontal elements, making the kitchen feel larger. I've used that reasoning before.

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We put built-in bookcases into our living room. With the advice of members of this forum, I painted the walls Valspar Spice Delight eggshell (a vanilla color) and the floor-to-ceiling bookcases were painted Spice Delight semi-gloss. The room is 12 x 16, and the bookcases and cabinets took up 10 to 18 inches of the 12 ft width of the room. It kept the cabinets from overpowering and looming. If DH ever finishes putting away all of the stuff on the counters, I will take photographs.

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Thanks all. You confirmed it for me. I think the same color also, especially since I plan on soapstone and simple is better. The best way is to take a door to BM store and have them match it ?
We both like the green so much but you can't use everything you like in a small room...
Also all of my display items are....multicolored food in mason jars and canned tomatoes and baskets. Some of the Italian tomatoes I get have beautiful labels and look nice on a shelf IMHO.

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