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lavender_lassApril 5, 2011

Thank you for all your help with my house plan. Now that I have one I love, it's time to finalize finishes and design details. Here's a link to the kitchen forum...if you get a chance, I'd really appreciate your input :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to French Country kitchen design

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I love the white walls yellow and blue curtains with blue check chair seats inspiration picture the best. I think there is more options for changes with seasons or whatever if you are a changing kind of person. I LOVE those yellow and blue curtains.

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Shades- Yellow and blue is such a cheerful combination! It is nice, though, to change things out for the seasons :)

Right now, I am so ready for spring! Winter lasted so long this year, the daffodils aren't even blooming yet!

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LL I know your yard spring pain. Nothing blooming here yet either but the bulbs are up. Snow just left us a couple of days ago and more snow predicted tonight. Right now pouring down rain. I believe you are just north west of us. This storm should have already passed you by.

I love to be able to change things out on a whim. I have a couple color changes I can pull out of my closet. That yellow and blue speaks to me. And I am so over blue and never a real fan of yellow. Go figure.??? Blame it on my age.

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I think yellow and blue remind us of spring. Think how many cheerful yellow and blue/lavender flowers there are that bloom in April and May! You have to add some green plants (at least I do) and maybe some pink tulips and purple lilacs...and then it really feels like spring :)

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I found some great photos for inspiration for you on this website

Here is a link that might be useful: French Country Kitchens

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WOZA That is one fun link. Thanks. I am no totally into French Country but these might change my mind a little. Very fun spaces.

Love the mostly white with three turquoise seltzer bottles on the upper shelf.


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Shades, I looked through the whole 37 kitchens until I found the three blue seltzer bottles. If I had not promised Rafor my blue wine bottles, I'd let you have them. :)

But what I liked about several of the kitchens was the long substantial/hefty shelves above the counter tops. Nice open feel to the space.

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Newbie- Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures! :)

Shades- Those are pretty bottles!

ML- I like the shelves, too. There's something so substantial and timeless about some of those rustic details.

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Some of the things I like about the French style as presented in the photo link:
1. Open shelving instead of total upper cabinets.
2. Rustic tables, not afraid to show their materials.
3. Rolling hefty appliance carts.
4. Fabric covers for lower storage instead of doors.
5. Raised panel cabinet doors, sort of whitewashed.
6. Baskets used for storage in upper and lower cabs instead of doors.
7. Curtains Sheers used in glass fronts of cabinets to maybe hide storage, but also to soften the look.
8. Not intent on matchy-matchy stuff
9. Hanging pot racks with really nice pots

  1. Upper shelves with hefty braces holding them up quite sturdy.
  2. Tables have benches to push under out of way to use table as a prep surface. Probably for baking?
  4. Range hoods confine the stove to make exhausting the heat easier? And also provide convenient location for items used AT THE COOKING SPOT.

What else do you guys note as a common theme?

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Lack of anything slick and modern.

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