Help needed with green paint for guest bedroom

challforJuly 15, 2012

Hi all

First time poster!

I was hoping I could get some help picking a color for one of my guest bedrooms (10'x10'). It's currently painted a very "hospital" blue (doesn't come across very well in the picture below, though), but we'd like to go with a green. Furniture is white with a mirrored side table and crystal-like overhead light. Carpet is a beige berber.

We back onto a ravine, so we get a definite green vibe in the room at most times.

We've looked at a few colours so far - Hollingsworth Green, Prescott Green and Saybrook Sage. However, most people say these greens are best suited for dark furniture - not sure if they'd go well with white?

Any help is appreciated!

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Saybrook is very popular so it is worth a look. I have Guilford Green in my bedroom. A medium green with yellow under tone.
When others have posted Guildford, it doesn't show the way it does in my bedroom. Lots have to do with natural light. We get lots of natural light in our house.

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I would take the pillow sham with me to the paint store and get a green in the exact tone but a shade darker. You can't go wrong that way.

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I have a Ben Moore Affinity color called thicket. It would go extremely well with your bedding. I considered that for my room but went with something more traditional. Our trim is super white and goes well with that color

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I also have bm guilford green in my bedroom and love love love it! We get lots of compliments on it. Our trim etc is all white.

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I just used Benjamin Moore Croquet in our guest room. It is a lovely sage that doesn't look silly or sherbet-y. Trim is BM Calm or Clear Moon. Or maybe even Quiet Moon. Even my husband (a beige kind of guy) loves the room. Caveat: There's a lot of green outside the large window in the room, but it does not get much direct sunlight.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Take a look at BM soft's a lovely shade.

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If I might offer one tip... green was hard for us-until we changed the sheen. We kept trying so many different colors and it'd be close, but none were right for us until we tried, believe it or not, flat for this bedroom. Not that it's the be all and end all, it's after he got all the antiques and I have left over furniture. I just thought it was kinda like getting a red right. Except with reds, it has to have several layers to be right. Weirdness! Good luck.

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We used Saybrook Sage in a previous kitchen. Loved it with the white.

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In my home office, I have a white desk and shelves, as well as some darker furniture, and my walks are painted Mesquite Green. It looks very similar to the color in rob333's photo above. Always hard to tell from pics, but it might work well with the green in your bedding.

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