Where can I find patterns for real figures?

marti8aDecember 15, 2007

I get so tired of trying to find a pattern that will look good on me when the models are all perfectly shaped. Of course the pattern looks good on them. Is there a pattern company who makes patterns for the way a lot of women are really shaped?

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I really don't think there is....I truly believe that you need to find a good basic pattern and get someone to help you fit it and then make all your outfits from that pattern...making changes as required...most any outfit is a basic pattern....I bought the Kwik sew book and hope to do this for myself...I frankly gave up on pants and just took a pair of good fitting pants and took them apart to make me a pattern...The pants had seen better days anyway but even if I had to buy a new pair to make a pattern, at the cost of patterns these days, it wouldn't have been much more...

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Same here, I use garments that mostly fit to make my own patterns. Most of the patterns for my size are way too big through the shoulders and the regular pattern brands are too hit and miss. I am not good at 3 dimension figures so making pattern changes is difficult for me. copying good garments is the best way to go and then make them in colors you really love. I figure we don't need huge wardrobes anyway. Not in my climate.

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I agree with both replies. A lot of books recommend a sloper, then modifying to make different pieces. I've had a lot of success at making patterns from ready made clothes, however. I don't take them apart. Just lay out and pin each piece of the garment to whatever you are making the pattern out of (I use inexpensive stripped or checked fabric). Trace around and add a seam allowance. You may have to readjust and repin, but it works without ruining a good fitting garment.

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