Change in layout leads to change in design...lots of pics

lavender_lassApril 7, 2011

No, I haven't changed my plan! LOL But, since the last floor plan, I do think I need to change my colors and design ideas.

When I moved the kitchen to the front of the house, I opened up that room to the living room. It also opened up the dining area to the sunroom. Now there is less light in the kitchen, but it needs to tie in with the brick and wood in the living room. So, my beautiful white cabinets, wood floors, blue or light wood countertops and maybe painted blue island don't seem to fit. I think it's a little too cottage for the living room.

While I could paint the brick fireplace white and change the style (in theory) I actually like the brick and my husband's uncle built the it's a pretty brick, not brownish red, but more of a rosey red.

So, here's my new plan...and it's really starting to grow on me. Please take a look and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions...or maybe some pictures, that you think would work! It's different, but I think I like that. It's almost nice to not see hundreds of kitchens with the same color scheme :)

Plan of kitchen/dining room, in relation to living room. Big plus, I can now interact with people in the living room, while I cook!

New inspiration picture...does it remind you a bit of my favorite work table picture?

I love the white marble countertops, but anything with that look (and maybe lower maintenance) would be a possibility.

White appliances and white tile backsplash, with some accent tiles with these colors and vines or branches. Maye not actual bunnies (although they are cute).

Some copper accents

Still loving the french country accents, with maybe some antique brass hardware and chandelier over the table...and some wrought iron, with the stools and maybe some accent hardware and fixtures.

I'm thinking about a painted green island and blue hutch, to break up the wood a bit...and tie those colors in with the fabrics. Anyone remember the older line of Ethan Allen painted furniture, about ten years ago...very pretty.

And finally, I want to tie in the brick, from the fireplace, but I think a backsplash would be too what about a 70's flashback? I actually think this would look really good, with the wood in the first picture :)

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I actually like stained wood much better than painted, and think it is classic, where painted goes through periods of unpopularity. That said, what I really like is a mix. I love the brick floor and am considering that myself in a herringbone pattern.

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I still like the blue check chair room the best. Find some fabric with a little green in the yellow and blue. Paint the island green and brick floors and I think you have room to blend with your living room.

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Thank you both...I am so glad that you both like the idea of brick floors :)

I'm really liking the wood cabinets with the white countertops and appliances...and the backsplash. I think it will make a great background for the french style furniture and sunny fabrics!

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