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Kathy RiveraMay 13, 2013

I have been looking at hood/venting threads all morning and I'm still woefully confused!!

I'm moving the range to an outside wall. So no matter what I get - internal or external blower - there will be something on that wall outside, right? (I think I'm confused b/c I've never had anything but recirculating so hood does not equal "exterior presence" to me)

And we have a second story, so I can't vent through the roof (or, I don't want to b/c it will be $$$)?

Our deck is outside the wall and I would want to keep the venting as unobtrusive as possible. Does all that point me to an internal blower (b/c external are huge)? I'll have a 30" range and I just do basic cooking - no inside grilling or woks or anything.

Lastly, if I get an under cabinet like this, I only need that, right?

If I get some sort of mantel/wood chimney like this, I'll need a liner (and does that come with all the parts I need?)

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My kitchen vent looks like a dryer vent outside. Sorry no photo.

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You would need to have a vent cover installed on the outside of your wall. It should have a damper and screen on it, to keep birds and other critters from using it as a home. The damper also serves to keep wind from creating a draft into your home.

Unless you have a pro style range or cooktop, I would think that a vent hood with an internal blower would be just fine.

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I just came from the conversation side and saw "venting outside". I thought maybe you were yelling and screaming outside about a kitchen problem gone bad.

Sorry I can't help you with your situation.

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Also, I don't think that any hoods come with any vent ducting, so you would have to get that yourself to run from the hood to the outside.

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For a range hood venting out the wall, you'd need this one:

Here is a link that might be useful: rear venting damper

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Kathy Rivera

OK, thanks Debra and gpraceman. A dryer vent look I can handle! (there is actually an old external blower box out there now, I think, which we'll have them remove. I can't figure out how the space used to be configured so that it was usable, though...)

blfenton - sorry to disappoint. Perhaps by the end of the reno I will be out there randomly screaming about pulls and backsplash tiles!!

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Circus Peanut

We splurged a bit on a nice copper vent for ours (it also led to the deck) and never regretted it.

I presume there are also other more expensive styles floating around the internet for all the folks in that situation with vent or dryer.

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Dryer vents are typically only 4 inches in diameter.

If you have a small range hood you might get as low as 5 inches (or even one of the square ones that are about 3 inches tall and ~14 in wide).

If you get a 'pro style' one you are looking at 8 inches diameter and up.

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Do those with the vents on your deck ever find the smoke or grease or noise bothersome outside?

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This is what our vent system looks like. We had a GC, who chose what type of vent system we needed for our Wolf 6 gas burner cook top. I am not sure of the specifics, but I could investigate it if you need any more information.

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Here's the 1000 cfm remote blower I recently installed on our roof. Measures 18"x 24"x 5" high. Can also be sidewall mounted like doonie's

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ctycdm, can you please tell me the brand and / or model # for the 1000 cfm remote blower in your picture? I'm looking for that exact one, but can't find it anywhere else googling.

Thank you!

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WEB0123, I ordered mine with my Prizer hood. Not sure if they actually make the blower or not. I will say this, it looks exactly like the Thermador VR1000 which I have installed on numerous projects.
Not sure if you are close to the Seattle area, but googling, I just came across this great buy!

Here is a link that might be useful: VR1000

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