Nothing is ever easy

wishitwereeasyJanuary 29, 2011

With everything that has been going on my SD deceides to text me and tell me how rotten of a person she thinks I am because I would not open her mail.

First of all it is against the law to open or detain someomne else's mail.

Next I am accused of keeping her "steve madden shoes" and some designer outfits .... ok what the heck are steve maddden shoes? I am a jeans and tshirt type of person I live in my tennis shoes and I am alot bigger than she is I dont even think her pants would get past my thigh (if I was lucky!)

Soon to be XH called today to ask me if I would like to go to lunch with him tomarrow so we could talk....what the heck is this about?

This jerk walked out on our marraige to support his adult kids, who take total advantage of him... and now he wants to talk?

Oh so fustrated!!!

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just write a note on her mail: does not live here and drop it in a mail box. After awhile it should stop. If you know where she lives (even a motel) write that address on her mail and drop in a mailbox.

When I already announced that I want to separate, kicked my ex out and told him I am filling for divorce he all of a sudden wanted to talk and work things out. I think it is typical for some men, they don't want to be dumped. Don't meet with him.

Save SD's texts for future reference and possibly filling for harassment. tell her to stop writing to you, if she continues, ask your attorney how to file for harassment.

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Agree 100% with Parent of One...

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