Anyone Notice ......

MoccasinApril 29, 2011

.....that recently, Pottery Barn increased the line of Benjamin Moore paints that they are featuring?

Previously, they had SOME of the paints in what they called the "PB COLORS".....but in the latest catalog I got they mentioned that they will be showing rooms in the BM AURA COLOR CHART. Now that is quite a few additional colors. And, you can get the fandeck for BM AURA from PB as well.

It prompted me to check into who in my area sells BM paints, and it is a wide selection of stores, including the PB not many miles from here, also an Ace Hardware in the affluent part of my town, and I suppose a real BM franchise store as well. So I do not HAVE to have the paint shipped, I can look at the sample in real life, and not worry about hazardous material shipping.

But I'm enjoying the PB room color schemes anyway. Online, of course. I've also figured out that I can take a digital photo of the catalog page, and put it in my Inspiration folder of my computer.

But what I want to know from you guys is, how do you index the Inspirations so you can find them again? I guess I could put some metatags or keywords, but that means I'd have to process them through software....wouldn't it? Or has anyone found an easier solution? I know that LavenderLass can find HER pics quickly,, so what is up with that, hmmmmm? How do you do it, LL?

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ML I have inspiration folder on my computer. Then break it down to kitchen ,bed, bath, living room, other. Pretty simple. I can usually find what I am looking for in my saved pictures this way.

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My pictures are constantly changing, so I delete the ones I don't like and add the ones I do. I have a few different albums on Photobucket, but since it's a free account, I usually don't keep too many at once. I try to tell people, if you like it, because it may not be here for long (LOL)

When I'm looking for inspiration pictures, I just go to Yahoo images and see if anything looks like it will work, for the space :)

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Thanks for the input on your approach to retrieving Inspirations.

Whoever it was who turned me on to the HOUZZ website, I've saved quite a few online there, organized according to room or just Misc. Ideas. Maybe I better go take a look to see how big my file is by now.

And the person who runns the Old House Website that MamaGoose presented to us, everytime I go there I get lost for a couple of hours. If you are researching homes which are old and have been marketed in the last 10 years or so, and want to see details, then that is the place for you. I don't have the exact link now, but if you need it I have it on my home page as a RSS feed.

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I have my photobucket account divided into folders - like Living rooms, Dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.

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