set timing on brother sewing machine wont pull bobbin thread up

leafloveDecember 7, 2008

havent sewn for over a year last thing i made was a quilt and my machine was working properly when i stored it away.

i've tried to pull the bobbin thread up. i've adjusted, oiled, cleaned, threaded, rethreaded, everything i know to do EXCEPT check and set the timing. as i watch the needle it doesnt appears i need to adjust the timing.

how do i do this?

i've tried to find articles on line but they really are no help at all.

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Hi Leaflove, it sounds like you know a lot about sewing machines, so you may just disregard what I suggest here, as chances are you have already done this. Have you made sure you are using the correct needle and that the needle is inserted correctly? On most machines these days the flat side of the needle goes to the back. Make sure you have pushed the needle all the up into the needle clamp, there is usually a little opening in the needle clamp where you can observe the top of the needle by moving the needle up and down. Maybe your needle is bent causing the hook to miss the thread.

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I am also having problems with a Brother 2125 machine. It quit picking up the bobbin thread and I cant figure it out.
Is it possible that something in the inside mechanism inside got bent? It looks fine, but that's all I can figure could have happened.
If so, is it something thats replacable?

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Always, always, always double check your needle and be sure it's installed correctly before looking any further when a machine suddenly won't pick up the bobbin thread. Make sure that it hasn't slipped down a bit or gotten twisted in the needle clamp. If you changed the needle before this sewing session, re-check and make sure that the thread groove in the needle is postioned directly below the last thread guide. Even better, consult your manual and make sure you've got the right size needle and that it's installed properly. About 90% of "timing" problems are solved by re-installing the needle.


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Thanks Annie!
I appreciate the response and I will try again.
Merry Christmas!

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I thought I'd mention that on my Brother, there are times that if I don't put the bobbin case back JUST right, then it will not pick up the bobbin thread.
Just a thought...

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It's because of the timing of the needle and hook. Open the front, take off the ring, take out the hook and push the thing round or back a couple of mm's. See diagrams on

Here is a link that might be useful:

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