Kenmore machine multiple threads?!?!???

Amerritt413December 31, 2013

Ok I have a kenmore sewing machine model number 385.16020100, I've been sewing on it just fine last night and earlier today. But just as I was about to finish my latest project, there were about 5 or 6 extra strands of thread coming from the bobbin, the fabric would get bunched up down there, and the needle would make this bad clunk noise and wouldn't move. I started taking it apart, troubleshooting on my own, what I saw was the upper thread would go around the casing, get snagged, wrap around the feed dog, and dislodge the black case housing the bobbin. I changed the needle (a few sites I found where people have had similar problems suggested this), but it didn't seem to work either. I'm at a loss and if I keep trying to figure it out, or I can't fix it soon I may end up throwing it out the door and saying forget it! lol Please help me! I don't want to have to throw a gift out the door. :(

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My machine did that a number of years ago. Though not a Kenmore, my repair guy suggested trying yet-another-needle. I did, and that worked. It seems that the "new" needle I used to replace first, must have had a burr on it and got into the needle package anyway. The second one worked much better, and no more problems.

BTW, this happened to us with a light bulb in an outdoor light fixture. We had to try a 3rd bulb before the light fixture would go back to working. Seems manufacturing is sloppy these days.


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