Door trim finally restored

schoolhouse_gwApril 29, 2012

This Spring was the last straw. Those sparrows were making nests in every cavity, including pecking away at the far right piece of trim (what was left) and trying to make a new hole behind it. I would lay in bed and here, "peck, peck, peck". Ugh. So I managed to slip a piece of slate down behind and in front of the new "apartment door".

I stopped at an Amish furniture and cabinet maker down the road and asked if he could fit a new piece of trim above the old schoolhouse door - something similar to the original and maybe add the molding to match the tops of the old windows too. I'm sure the door had it at one time. He came up and gave me an estimate of $50-$55(!). YES. I was overjoyed inside but didn't want to scare him. $55 is cheap compared to when I've had other work like that done.

I wanted to be home when he installed it, he said he'd call the night before. Well, it was over a week since he agreed to the work but I knew he was busy. One morning I walked around to the back of the house and out of the corner of my eye - there I saw the trim up and even painted! When I called to thank him he said he had had a little bit of time and so he came and did the work - $50. After all these years, finally. We talked about maybe having him do the belfry doors way up at the peak of the roof. The trim is coming off there also. Perhaps this winter when he's not quite as busy.

I know the door isn't perfect, but I love it. Someday maybe I can get it restored too.

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Oh He did a great job.

We had a wood pecker that used to start hammering on the METAL roof at 7AM. What a racket and I am sure he never really got all that far.

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Wow, that looks great. He sounds like a gem. I hear mice or squirrels or something working on our house from time to time. Nothing worse than laying in bed and hearing them, is there?

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Nicely done indeed. I think the door is perfect :)

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hang on to that guy! great job - great price! I should check out here to see if we have any Amish... never heard of any tho.

your birds only go 'peck,peck, peck'? mine sound like a jackhammer! and the puppy goes bonkers. She either loves birds - or hates 'em. not sure which yet. She barks non stop at 'em.

I do need to check my nest also. pull it down if the babies are gone and close that window! then I'll have to clean the tub again. dirt and plant matter have fallen in.

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That's what I was worried about - that there would be babies before he got the trim up. He didn't think so, but the birds have been taking in nesting material for quite awhile already. April is a little early for egg hatching but with sparrows you never can tell. They have many clutches a season.
Well, I didn't hear any peeping after the holes were closed up so let's cross our fingers.

Amish generally will do a good job, but not always. Sometimes they lean towards being thrifty and don't always use the best materials unless asked; plus they don't use vehicles so must hire a driver to take them to jobs - or you go fetch them and then take them home afterwards. This guy had a van and a driver so that was good. He has a building crew and does construction so keeps pretty busy.

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Oh and one other good thing - no more bird poop on the door!

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That looks great and you can't beat the price!

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