Question about block lights

gcpommomJanuary 29, 2009

Hi all. I am getting ready to glue glass onto a glass block, and am worried about grout bleed (have had trouble in the past with this). Since the surface of the glass block is slightly 'wavy', not perfectly flat, I am concerned about the gluing process. I have only used Weldbond in the past, should I try something else, something thicker to fill any voids caused by the waviness of the block? Hope this makes sense.


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Ok, actually I was wrong. The block isn't wavy on the outside, it appears fairly flat; it seems to be wavy beneath the surface.

Even so I am worried about grout bleed. I am thinking of going really thick with the Weldbond to ensure that I do not miss any spots. But then I have to worry about it seeping into the grout spaces. Ugh. I want this to be nice, it is for a friend whose brother just died.

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You would be better off using GE Silicone II for windows and doors. It dries clear and fast. I have had lots of trouble with Weldbond so don't even use it any more. Good Luck.

Donna in Florida

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I just read a post about Weldbond. Its not supposed to be too thick cuz it will take for ever to dry. I wish I remembered where it was, gave a lot of info on Weldbond and other adhesives. Maybe someone else here remembers. I'm just visiting from garden junk.

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Below is the link specifically about gog with weldbond. I also posted in this thread the link to the long thread comparing GE SilII to Weldbond and MacGlue which I got it from. (I've been reading everything in prep to jumping in)

Link to thread discussion of GOG test results

(You'll have to paste, only one link per message apparently)

Here is a link that might be useful: Weldbond GOG instructions

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Hi Judy! I totally know what you are saying. I have been having the same problem until someone told me to use Mac Glue, you can only buy it online but it is SO worth it. I live in Ontario, Canada and it is still worth it to me, on top of that it only took 3 days to receive it and that was during xmas time as well. I just finished a GOG with my dog on it (just posted yesterday) and some of my glass had wavy underneath and I only had 2 very very tiny spots of grout bleed. Nobody would notice unless I told them and showed them. You can just google Maryland Mosaics. Good Luck!

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Hope I'm not too late to put in my 2 cents. I am a BIG fan of MAC glue and that is what I would recommend..BUT...depending on where you live...I might hold off ordering any if there is a chance that it would freeze. I ordered some in Dec and didn't take that in to consideration and my bottle arrived frozen...which means it was ruined..whaaa! My second choice would be silicone. If you do use the wedlbond and want some extra protection against grout bleed, mix up a 5-1 ratio of weldbond and water and give the whole block a good wash with's easy to clean up after grouting. Can't wait to see your light block!

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Sealing the block with 5-1 Weldbond is a good idea. Putting it on to thick isn't, it will take forever to dry.

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Gosh, I actually forgot that I posted this question, my mind is so scattered lately! Thank you all for your responses. I haven't tackled the gluing down yet, I had a funeral to go to this weekend, and I am pooped out.

cindiloo: that's terrible that the glue froze, I am in MI, and wouldn't be surprised if the same would happen here! Maybe the company would send you a replacement?

Robin: I thought about sealing the block first. I will definitely do that if I use the Weldbond.

All I have on hand is Weldbond,but maybe a trip to the hardware store is in order

charmo: I will have to go have a look at your gog!

I hope to get to work on this block light soon, I haven't really worked on a project in a few months.

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