Pocket Neighborhoods and 'Good Fit' Small Homes

jessicamlApril 24, 2012

Have you guys heard of Ross Chapin Homes? I was looking at Hooked on Houses last night and was prompted to look for architects designing modern cottages (hoping they existed, in case DH and I can build someday). In my googling, I came up with:

Ross Chapin Architects

I think I could happily live in many of the small homes, but the Elderberry and Plum Corner are my favorites (we hope to have kids and would need the space).

The best part is the details! I've always loved the built-ins of old homes. These have much of the charm of older homes with layouts more suited to modern sensibilities. The "Pocket Neighborhood" concept is neat, too. I hope it catches on! What do you think? Which, if any, would you want to live in?

Here is a link that might be useful: Video Tour of a Home similar to Elderberry

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Jessica, yes, I'm familiar with both Ross Chapin and Pocket Neighborhoods. My nephew in New Orleans introduced the concept to us after Katrina, and he is a lawyer mainly interested in real estate and development law. He loves that sort of thing, and I believe he inherited that gene from me. :)

We can never have too many posts about this concept. I think the day of smaller homes is on the horizon.

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I love his designs! And I used to own one in Vancouver WA. Loved it. Only 900 sq ft but lived large with a front porch and a back patio. I will eventually have another one built as my forever home.

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rafor, I adore the porch on that house! I like those plans and would like to build a couple if I could find a lot that would allow it.

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marti8: this is the coho plan with no upstairs. 2 bd 1 bath with a vaulted ceiling in the "great" room, open to the kitchen which I loved. There was also a laundry/utility room.

Here are a few more pics:

dining alcove

view into living area from kitchen:

kitchen, dining alcove off to the left:

decorated porch shelf:

side yard pergolas: Ignore the mess it was my staging area for a while!

glasshouse built in the back yard:

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Wow, it is great inside, and I love all the things you did to use the space, both inside and out.

Were the posts outside for climbing vegetables?

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