Outdoor shower?

zeitgastApril 23, 2014

We are adding an outdoor shower and are wondering if we need to have 4 wall enclosure or can we use the Cedar shingles corner for 2 of the 4 walls

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You need to talk to Moccasinlanding on this one. She is in the process of building an out door shower. I believe she is going to have some thing like a bifold door for the privacy part when needed.

I think it really depends on the location of your shower and the view into the space from others.

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Hi there. Yes, I've enjoyed several outdoor showers that inspired me to make one myself and now to include one in the remodel of our house.

First off, I loved the shower we had in Italy that was a concrete pad with a drain, the water supplies came up a column and the rainhead was above, with a wand for hand use. There was no need to think of privacy, as it was in a secluded villa near the pool, and most folks were merely rinsing off after a swim, or shampooing.

Second, I loved the one which was in Virginia Beach VA, adjacent to the swimming pool. The house was lap siding, and the shower used one wall of the house, then two walls like a typical beach shower stall, with a dressing area for your clothing. The entry was a swinging wooden gate but don't think it was cedar siding, just the planks. It was built high enough that surrounding multi-story homes could not intrude on my privacy....nor were there any windows near the garage (which this shower backed up to) in the house we stayed in.

Third shower would be the one I built myself. I put splitter hoses on the hot and cold water supply lines run to our washing machine. These were inside our enclosed back porch, and backed up to a small area of our wooden deck.
The yard is surrounded by a privacy fence, and only one neighbor is in way of seeing us use the shower. For a while I kept a pair of shutters spread open to give privacy from that direction. My DH doesn't bother, he simply showers in his grungy gardening clothes and steps inside the back porch and drops his wet dirties by the washer. It worked for me.

Now comes shower number 4. It is the one our architect is designing according to what I want. There will be a pan for the drain in the floor of the new deck. The shower head and plumbing for the shower will be inside the exterior wall of our new sitting room addition. There will be tiles covering the exposed wall area, our house is cement stucco though. I don't want an enclosure for our shower. What I want is to have one tall post in the deck railing so I can put a Sunbrella cabana striped curtain up to screen from the one neighbor. The house of course is the second wall. I will have room for a pair of bifold shutters to be affixed to the tall post, When anyone is in the shower, those shutters can be spread open and screen from the other two sides. The glass door into our bedroom sitting area is adjacent to the shower plumbing, so very easy to duck inside after the shower, wrapped in a towel or robe.

I opted for city water supply and sewer service. I could have hooked to the irrigation meter which has no sewer fee, but then I'd have to set up a separate water heater, and drain into a gray water system. It was just neater and easier and ultimately longer lasting and less trouble to go city. I also have a shutoff drain for cold weather, so all pipes can be cleared, and the drain covered against water entry.

Are you at the planning stage or the dreaming stage? I recommend you try the subject "outdoor showers" on Houzz, and see what others have done. I like unstructured and simple. You'll notice one shower which is flat against the stucco wall, and they made an arched tile pattern like Mexican tile on the wall. It was so appropriate for that house! That is where I got the simple flat against the house idea. You must make sure it is protected from water damage. Then go ahead. You'll enjoy using it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We put in an outdoor shower...we have building on 2 sides and open air on 2 sides as we have a lot of privacy. Love it in the summer...it could be 100 degrees, but under the water it is simply marvelous.

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Annie this is a Beautiful space.

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Love the way you have the shower setup. The bench or the rock wall could serve for clean clothing and towel and such. Simple and straightforward is the best way to go. The blue tile, is that slate or tile? Looks like an outdoor wetroom! ;)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thank you! The flooring is bluestone....we left an ungrouted slot between 2 stones to act as a drain...

The wall is the foundation wall below the garage. We had a mason come in, chip off all the nubs from the forms and then "parge" the surface with dyed concrete to give it texture. This is under our deck, and so many under deck areas are just ugly storage spaces. Since we have our walkway under there, I wanted it to look like something, so I added the archway over the walk way, created a "dry river bed" out of stone so I didn't have to worry about plants and weeds, and parged the foundation wall so it was attractive to look at....the shower is just out of shot to the left...

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Annie your under deck walk is just Gorgeous. Beautiful rock work.

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Wonderful project with the under deck area.
Annie, that took what might be an unpleasant cold creepy place and made it a fine contributor to the pleasing atmospher of your home. It becomes a real feature. Well done!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thank you so much!

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Annie ~ What a beautiful outdoor shower and walk way under your deck. It must be a real joy to shower out there.


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Annie Deighnaugh

Thank you FlowerLady, it's finally getting warm enough to start using it again for the season.

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