MAC glue Question

katishookedJanuary 31, 2009

I've heard a few talk about MAC glue. I also went to MMs and read their bit about it. Does it do as well as GEII outside in all weather conditions??? I live in TN and might give it a try for some things. Thanks


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Hi Kathy! Although I just started to use MAC Glue myself, I've read on this forum and others as well that it is the best for outdoors, snow, rain, sun and everything. It is easy to work with and it goes a long way as well.

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its expensive though, I only use mine on gog. I haven't used it outdoors though

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I really like it; I haven't used it for outdoors yet but I have read good things about using it outdoors. It does seem expensive, but if you are careful, it only takes a small amount for each piece. I apply straight from the bottle, and if a too-large amount accidentally comes out, I scrape it up and use it on the next piece.

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Hi Kathy, After talking with the Tina, who had MAC glue made, I decided t use Mac glue on my post project. Tina has info on her website all about stepping stones she used mac glue on so I went for it.

So far so good, no problem with tess faling off in th the grouting process so heck you can either wait to see what happens to mine, or try something on your own. She says it is made to be used as a MARINE glue so I am thinking wet outght to work not sure about the cold part but.. you might want to go the the macglue site, i think it is but not sure

good luck

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Hi all,

I used Mac glue for the first time this week on a gog project. It was fabulous. I place a small dot on my glass and used a paintbrush to spread it. Don't need to use much so the expense is probably the same as other glass. No streaking on the back, and no grout seepage underneath. Once its dry forget moving the piece though.

Haven't put it outside yet, not sure I can.

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