Calin is back with this!

calinromaniaJanuary 12, 2010

hello everyone. i've been gone for a while. no excuse for that.

but i have something new for you guys... hope you LOVE it!

named: RED TAPE

two pieces - could be right next to each other or with a gap.

2 times 50x50 cm





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MYGOODNESS, CALIN: This is truly beautiful. LOVE how you've used each kind of tess. You made each one work for you. Love the design, and the colors - well. It's a wonderful work. Is this one for you, or for sale? I think it's gallery-quality. Nice to see you back.

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Very interesting piece, lots to take in. and it really makes you study it all

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WOW Very Beautiful....Yur work is amazing

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Good Job!!! Love the background especially!!! I have bricks on the mind I think!lol! I also like the circles and the beads...very nice!!! Good to have you back!

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Looks great!

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thank you ALL for your nice words.
i was away for a while as i stopped working on this mosaic. i got stuck as i was missing the grey tiles for the background. and didn't want to order just those (expensive postage) and then i couldn't afford to order lots of tiles to make it worth.
so i was in a... pickle???
and it was on a table on the balcony for weeks and then just decided it was time to see it finished.
this one too was made for myself. step one. but later on, if someone is interested, i would not mind selling some of them.
later on!

but i'm gonna soon start thinking about the next one. still got lots of tiles and marbles and i wanna do another mirror. maybe for mom?


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