Polar Fleece Sock Pattern

Crafty GardenerDecember 5, 2010

Does anyone know of a pattern for making polar fleece socks ... preferably one you have used and know works? Also if you have made these do you have any tips for me.

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Don't have one for socks,but i think i still may have one for slippers.I made the slippers several years ago and everyone i gave them to said they were the warmest ones they had ever had.I'll look around later and see if i still have the pattern.

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Crafty Gardener

thanks for looking Kathi

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This one looks just like a pattern I purchased and used many years ago. I think I still have a pair in my sock drawer(although I no longer have the pattern). I used rib-knit at the top of mine. Easy and comfortable.

Here is a link that might be useful: fleece sock pattern

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Crafty Gardener

Thanks for the link noinwi

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I have "the Green Pepper inc".
polar fleece socks pattern and have made many pairs and every one loves them. The material must stretch that you use and the proper grain direction. The stretch is about an inch and a half.

I found that you have to be careful or the angle in the upper and foot will be to narrow and it will be hard to pull on. My Mom has a very narrow foot so I thought would cut down a bit to account for that but was hard for her to pull it on but it worked and the were nice and snug.

I use the baby gripper feet material for the bottom, (two layers, instead of just one, one of the gripper material and one of fleece.)

pretty easy to make if you are a seasoned sewer, for a novice might be hard.

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Crafty Gardener

Thanks for that info ladylinda. I looked up the Green Pepper website and have bookmarked it to look through.

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