Am I wasting my time & money with Mac glue

very_vintageJanuary 4, 2008

Hi gals,

Started looking into getting some mac glue shipped here to Australia from the US, am I wasting time and money? The shipping will cost way more then the glue!

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I'm much is the shipping on an 8oz bottle of glue?

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For gog I LOVE Mac glue. I think you'll be very happy with it.

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LinLee Australia that is.

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Where does one purchase the Mac glue? Is it a Michael's or Hobby Lobby kind of item? HD or Lowe's? Delphi?

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LinLee or

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I was looking into it also and the same thing with it coming up to Canada. May still order it....dunno yet.

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Linlee, I don't know what the shipping charge would be on 8 oz of glue, but I know that when we were buying a certain type of wood material, the best sample was from a firm in Australia but the shipping from Australia was astronomical and we had to buy elsewhere. Mac glue doesn't seem to be widely distributed yet. I can find it in Fort Worth and California but not much elsewhere.

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Maryland mosaics also carries it.

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WHAT of us bought it and shipped it to you. Would it still cost as much for you? For Janie also...?

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Has anyone considered being a distributor for Mac Glue? NO, I don't work for them. I live in Wisconsin, and have seen Tina on HGTV years ago, and I have now had her as a "Friend" on Myspace for a couple of years.

Anyway, I was just about to buy her glue from the website, and I noticed the Wholesale prices, and then saw that they only seem to have distributors in Ft. Worth, TX, Californina, Maryland, and...I can't remember. I was thinking, "Why don't I sell Mac Glue?" I mean, I'd be selling from a place between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Although, if someone can just buy it online, why not, right? Well, besides having to pay for shipping, I guess. The thing is, I noticed that the Wholesale price, compared to the Retail price, is rather amazing. I mean, you can buy a gallon jug wholesale for $80, or buy it retail from them for $130 + s/h for another $5.00. So, seems to me, buying it wholesale, being a distributor, might not be a bad idea, if it's a feasible idea...Like, if you have a business already, or are looking to have one. I've been working on a business for a while, but, I haven't gotten it all together yet, and I didn't plan to have a shop or anything.

I was just thinking, reading your posts here, from Australia, (yes from over a year ago...sorry), that since it can be so expensive to buy it from here, get it shipped to there, might it a good idea, if one were interested, in selling or distributing it in Australia.

Just a thought. I'm going to contact them now about distributing it in the Midwest.

Have a great day!

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The Australian distributor for Mac glue is Oz Mosaics in the Brisbane area. You can buy online (or pick-up, but you'll need to phone to make an appointment first)... their website and various other suppliers are on the links page on my website listed.

Ultimately, your choice of adhesive will be largely determined by the materials you want to bond, as well as location etc... if in doubt, read the instructions.

Here is a link that might be useful: MosaicAvatar (Links page)

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