Making muslin produce storage bags

linnea56December 13, 2008

Someone was describing to me these cloth bags used to store produce in the refrigerator in some other countries. They are supposed to make produce last longer because it can breathe and doesnÂt trap too much moisture like plastic bags do. IÂd like to make a set. Near as I can tell, undyed muslin would be a good choice. Or canvas? Anyone try making these and know more about what fabric to use, weight, etc?

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I've bought these, and they worked pretty well. They're just a lightweight or maybe light midweight cotton. Probably not a canvas. They'd be extremely easy to make. If you're interested in seeing some models for size (can I post this? I am not affiliated with the company or selling anything) then has some.

Here is a link that might be useful: Muslin produce bags sold online

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My girlfriends and I had a sewing bee in early December to make similar bags. We made 3 different sizes using a mosquito type netting. Cut out using rotor and cutting mat. Very efficient. 3 sewing machines operating and after 7 hours we had made 55 bags! Zigzagged edges, then casing on top w/ drawstring. For presentation rolled 3 different sized bags and wrapped w/ raffia. A nice environmentally friendly gift plus we had lotsa fun in the making.

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