Neecchi 6011 - Where does this part go?

StormPipeDecember 20, 2012

Necchi 6011 - where does this part go ??
I have a Necchi 6011. I took apart the assembly that holds the needle in place, to clean threads, etc. I have it all put back together but have one piece left over. For the life of me, I can't figure out how/where it goes. So, I purchased and downloaded the manual hoping to find a picture and/or instructions, but I could not. I have shown my problem in the pictures put on Dropbox. Perhaps one of you gurus can help me solve this problem ??? I would be most appreciative. Thanks, Jeff

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Hi Jeff..I've tried to link to each of your jpegs..but only end up at Can I actually access your dropbox? Why don't you copy and paste a pix here? I think you'd have more luck. And if I may suggest..there are some pretty smart people re machines here... You can register and then post your question. The quilters and vintage machine folks are so very helpful.

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Oh, I should add...if your manual is a 'users' manual, you should do a Google search for a "repair" manual for your model machine. I d/l'd for free 3 repair manuals that show all parts and instructions for repair.

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