Can I replace undermount sink in granite?

liseebirdMay 20, 2012

Hi all,

Well after hours of perusing this site and the web in general I am having a hard time with a decision about a stainless sink. My cabinets are in and I'm supposed to bring the sink to the granite people tomorrow but I have no sink! I have a 30" cabinet but can't seem to find a good ss single bowl sink I can afford that is more than 23". My question is - would it be stupid to go with the free 18 gauge Allorausa sink they are providing with the idea that if it's a bad sink I can just change it out in the future? I can't find any reviews or much information on that sink - even the Allorausa site doesn't tell if it's 304 or 18/8 etc. Of course the granite store said it's a great sink and never had any complaints. Thoughts?


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Changing out a sink in granite is a barely possible expensive job. It would only be possible if the new sink you wanted to put in has a cutout that is larger than the current sink and even then, the granite may chip or shatter because he's trying to cut off such a small amount.

A sink is the hardest working item in any kitchen. It's not the place to economize as you will use it multiple times every single day. If you have to cut back elsewhere to afford a nice sink that actually fits your cabinet, then do that. Skip the upgraded granite edge or paint the kitchen yourself. Find something you can cut to afford the nicer larger sink that you really want in the first place.

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I googled it and it appears that they are 18 guage 304 18/8 stainless and have a single bowl stainless. Looks like a very nice sink to me. As long as you like how it looks it seems like a great thing to do and save money along the way. They probably get a good deal as they buy so many. Good luck! Congrats on your new counter tops and kitchen.

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Ugh, thanks, you are right GreenD, I'm getting fuzzy in the brain trying to sort all of this out. So, Elkay, Blanco, Ticor ss all great right? As long as I don't buy from a big box?

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Thanks gr8day! But I couldn't find anything on google. Where did you find that?

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Here ya go:

Link below, hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allorausa sinks

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I asked the plumber the same question and he said you have to ask the granite people how they attach the sink and make sure you can get it out again if something should go wrong. He mentioned using clips rather than gluing it in place and being able to get it out of the bottom of the cabinet. I don't see how that can be possible and I am struggling with the sink decision myself now. I was in love with the Blanco silgranit but the sink I had my eye on can only have the faucet mounted to the side and I don't like that and am not willing to budge on that decision. I want the largest and deepest sink I can get in my 27 base in my tiny kitchen and they don't have anything else in a size I like so I found a lovely large sink at HD, a granite composite, but I just don't know how well it will hold up so I may not chance it and just get a stainless which I really didn't want again. The silgranit can crack, the cast iron can chip, the stainless can rust (well at least the cheapo one that the PO put in did) but really what could go wrong with a stainless?

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The ease of which is determined by the method of installation and the size of the cabinet.
If you are convinced that a sink change is inevitable, then have your present installation done in a manner that will be conducive to that change.

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Our stone fabricators cut keyways into the soap stone surround to attach the sink clips, so sink removal could be possible, although this would involve removing all of the plumbing from under the sink area.

If memory serves, CR's said that the gauge of the s/s sink is not all that important.

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The Allorahusa sink looks nice to me : ) what have you decided?

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Check out blanco 441024. About 28 1/2 " inside and fits in 30" base with no cutting of cabinet.

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This is harder to change than many other things-- might as well focus on it a little longer and not plan extra future trouble.

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Changing out a sink in a granite requires a lot of work. Labor can be high where the actual work performed might not turned out to be the way you wanted it. There might be one at Mr Direct Sinks and Faucets that you can check out. Good Luck!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks all - I really appreciate the input. I just returned from the plumbing store - I caved and spent money on the Elkay sink my brother has that is in great shape after 5 years. I figured since it was going into granite and changing it out was iffy, I would pay for a sink I could feel pretty sure of rather than going with a free sink that I couldn't read reviews of.I think GreenDesigns was right - it's not the place to economize. So I'm taking the free faucet from the granite supply (which I can change out easily in a year or 2 if it's awful), waiting awhile for UCL lighting and economizing or holding off where I can etc etc. My father and grandfather built this house when I was little and every time I've had an appliance guy in to fix appliances (never the range), they would take one look at my old built-in Tappan range and say "That was the cadillac of ranges in its time". So I figured, with a nod to my mom who designed and used the heck out of the kitchen and my dad and grandfather who built it, I'm going to go with the best quality I can afford for the permanent and semi-permanent stuff. Thanks for your help!!!!

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Smart move!

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Liseebird, what Elkay sink did you ultimately go with please? We have the same issues. Thanks.

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leslieallendc - I'm not sure - I'm looking at the receipt and it says Lustertone Elumina. It's very deep and 23" x 18". I love how deep it is but to be honest, my old ss sink that was 50 years old looked better than this does after 3 years. It always has a really cloudy finish that I can't seem to get rid of - googled it and some sites say it's the water but it's the same water I had with the old sink. In fact, maybe now that I'm thinking of it, I will email Elkay and ask.

Good luck!

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Here's a 27" 16 gauge single bowl sink that will fit in a 30" cabinet. <$200.
27" Stainless single bowl sink

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