calling all sewers in Western Washington!!

birdtalkerDecember 24, 2008

There is a group who give pajamas to foster children. I have asked them if they would accept home sewn pajamas. They said yes,and gave me an address to send them to, so I intend to spend the next months sewing some pajamas to donate to the kids. I hope some of you will join me. If you will email me I will send the address to send the pajamas to you or you can contact for yourselves.

I think we could hit the after christmas sales for nice flannel etc, and have some really nice pajamas for the kids for next december. We could send them in good sized ziplock type bags labeled for boy or girl and size. I figure I could make several pair over the year and make some kids really happy to have lovely warm pajamas.

I hope some of you moms and grandmas will join me and make a real donation from home sewers in Western Washington.

Thank you for your time.

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This is great idea, sad thou, b/c kids suffer.
I would love to join the pajama making thing. How about cute night gowns for girls,w/ matching pillow or blanket?
I have so much fabric at home, I buy whatever I like in walmart for dollar a yard plus I have remnants and ribbons and lace.....
After death of my son I couldn't get back to sewing full time, this might help me to push myself little harder. I use to make all clothes for my kids when they were little and their dolls and bears.
I live in Florida, but I can send it out.

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well, I hope this is not against the rules but the address for them is 2100 24th Ave. south Suite 120, seattle, was 98144.

I think they will be happy with anything along that line.

Sorry to hear you lost a son, but you are not alone, we lost a daughter many years ago, and sewing for children is a good medicine. I am most used to sewing for boys so mine may be leaning more toward the masculine. Some feminine things might be handy. But keep in mind our climate. We wear sweaters and flannel about 11 months of the year. If you want to contact me again, will keep you updated.

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O.K., I'll stock up on some fuzzy and warmer fabric too.
Thanks for the info.

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I got an answer from the lady at Treehouse that I contacted. I asked if it would be better to send through the year or just at Christmas,she says "Throughout the year would be great! Summer pajamas would be wonderful too. Thank you so much and Happy New Year!!"

Hope this answers any questions.

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yes, don't stockpile them. Send them as soon as you have enough to justify the postage. Maybe 3 pair at a time.

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that is what I intended but aiming more for 5 or 6 pair at a time.

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Well, just thought I would say that I finished the first part of my project. Six pairs of pjs, three pair with extra bottoms. Sending them off to Treehouse. Thank you all that may have done some too. bye,bye!

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