White Dove remodel about to begin

MoccasinApril 5, 2014

Yes, it's been a long time. I grew tired of the inaction, and just about gave up, but this has to happen....because I am never moving AGAIN. Since it has been almost two years since I announced I planned to redo the kitchen, I've had a while to save more money to put toward this, and our house up in Massachusetts sold, which freed up some resources, which helped too. And, there are some big maintenance issues which needed to be addressed at this time, so we added the new roof, new gas line, an irrigation water meter, reworked the front entryway so there is a tiny vestibule instead of the door opening to dump guests directly into the living room.....now I can really arrange furniture in a nice way.

Of course, I will add bifold french doors to the living room to separate it from the dining room. That will also allow us to use the LR as a guest room on occasion, since it can be closed off for privacy. The front "bedroom" is used as a study, and that means lots of books and two desks for computers. The 3/4 bath (a remodel splitting our old bath into two pieces) can make this space the same as a 2nd master suite, if a future buyer so chooses.

I am closing off the current door to the back bedroom, which was in the hallway shared by that entry to the front bedroom/study and the 3/4 bath. In that end of the hall will be a utility closet for my vacuum and bulk items like T-paper, P-towels, cleaning supplies, and a hole in the dining room wall to permit me to put electronic equipment attached to the big TV hung on that wall in the dining room, and locate the router and modem for the Internet connection. Cement stucco walls reinforced with wire mesh is NOT conducive to signal transfer! So I'm dealing with that, and hiding cables and wires, which I absolutely DEPLORE.

Now imagine the front and back walls of the kitchen are knocked out--except for a header across the tops where the old walls were located. Along the exterior walls of the dining and existing kitchen, and the new 9 foot addition to the house across the back, that will be almost a galley design. My sink is a 30-inch 10inch deep with a 48inch garden window behind it. The dishwasher moves from right to left of the sink, and I'm adding a small instant hot water heater to make sure I can sterilize dishes etc, but whole house hot water will be tankless gas otherwise. Beneath the dining room pair of windows will be a window seat with 2 roll out lateral file drawers for my DH's old tax papers....low access you know, he presently keeps them in my chest of drawers and I hate that as much as I hate WIRES EVERYWHERE. On either side of the windowseat will be base cabs with 3 drawers for my dishes and other stuff. There will be Silestone "Stellar Snow" counter tops on all tops this side of the kitchen. Above will be 30inch wall cabs with glass doors. Presently looking at KraftMaid, but also like IKEA white painted, provided I can get the sizes I want. A shelf goes across the south wall above the cabs and LED rope lights will be up there on a dimmer. And some undercab LEDs as well, puck lights. I like those lights inside the glass door cabs too. My existing wood shutters remain on all windows which presently have them.

Continuing on the SOUTH ELEVATION, past the existing kitchen part, is where totally new construction will be. The old electrical is being removed, all 3 breaker boxes. The power supply upgraded to 200 amp, and the power line to the house put underground. They're adding a "switch" so the generator can be turned on during long power failures....I wanted a Generac automatic natural gas, but DH jumped the gun without telling me and got a GASOLINE generator that will NOT do the whole house, so I am holding off on that until I see if I have enough money to cancel out what he has done (without consulting MOI). Big waste of resources, and HIGH HANDED, if you ask me. Hrummmmp!

No separate laundry room. I have a stacking laundry front loading Frigidaire laundry center that works fine. It will be in the far left end of the south elevation/new space. Next to it will be an 18inch wide (maybe 24inch wide) pantry up top and down below will be the waste basket rollouts (RevAShelf) used as laundry hampers. Works for me. The exhaust vent can go outside very easily. And then next to the pantry is the 72inch Whirlpool stainless fridge side by side, 36inch wide. And then a base cab for larger small appliances but with shelving open above for others that I can manage to pick up and that don't look so bad. I had a tambour rolldown door drawn in there, but it is expensive and I can always add it later, special order, made of stainless and it can come down from up high and all the way to the countertop. If I find the view distracting. No windows on this part of the south elevation, because the entire back wall facing east and the new back deck, will be all windows which do not open. The doggy door for my two dachshund girls will be just in front of the laundrycenter.

The back wall of glass will have the same LOOK as the existing sun porch, which has Lexan panels 24inches wide with small 24 x 24 squares below. My DH built that sun porch personally, so he needed no permit for it, and it is where to go when a tornado threatens, or an earthquake, it ain't coming down. But the new east facing kitchen addition must be according to new hurricane window code, and I'm in agreement with that!

But come back to the north exposure of the kitchen. I created an alcove, sort of shaped like a square "C" shape. It is in the existing kitchen space, which presently has nothing because it was just a traffic area to go from dining to the back yard. Now the area will host center stage my Bertazzoni 24inch gas range! That space is 8 foot wide, so I have 3 feet of cab space either side of the range. Then I have a 48inch long 42inch tall bar with room for two stools at the dining room side covered by the Silestone Stellar Snow quartz.. The countertops either side of the range will be stainless steel. No wall cabinets on this cooking side. Just 3 9inch deep 24inch wide stainless shelves either side above the 18inch tall subway tile backsplash. At the far right that base peninsula (not an island) will extend 48inches out to match the bar but will be normal height. It will also have the Silestone countertop. However, it will extend another 36inches beyond the wall down toward the barn door leading to our bed/sitting room. I love this part of the kitchen, because it sort of "T's" up to the fridge, which is a couple of steps across the way. I can access it from the cooking side or the prep/baking side. One cab will have the KitchenAid stand mixer on a liftup contraption, it is way too heavy for me to lift it and so I put off using it. My baking supplies are down in the drawers of the base cab beside this. And next to it, the little 24inch wide undercounter GE fridge two drawers for my stuff, and a small set of drawers for incidentals to the right of the little fridge. On the wall above the little fridge will be a wrought iron shelf (I have the old brackets which could hold up a porch roof) and that will house my beloved Breville Smart Toaster Convection oven.( I do not use the microwave much, so I have it on a shelf below the countertop and next to the Berta range....if DH wants to use it, he can bend over but I won't keep it on my countertops! )

My pot rack will carry my best and most used cookware and it will be over the 48inch portion of the peninsula countertop to the right of the range. It won't interfere with my view out the back window wall. So essentially the cooking alcove has no traffic to endanger the cook or others.

Oh yes. Either side of the sink will be 18inch wide 30inch tall doorless cabs which shall be outfitted for vertical plate racks. I love pretty plates.

Now. My color is white. White cabs. Yellow walls. A really SOFT light yellow ochre, which is earthy and warm. I've used the Behr Threaded Gold color for a long time, and they discontinued the paint. But I have a sample board, and will have it mixed up to paint both the dining rom and the old kitchen and new kitchen spaces. It goes so well with the gray of stainless steel appliances and countertops. The walls in the new construction will be narrow beadboard.

On the drawing showing the bedroom sitting area, you'll notice there is a closet, but to economize I omitted it and will use instead either an armoire or get the IKEA tall pantries as time goes by. The single window of the existing bedroom back wall will be removed and the space widened to permit light to the bedroom space. I'm leaving the double drapery rods, however, in case I wish to put a double layer of sheers for some privacy and a softening of the light entering from the eastern exposure. There is the barn door, which is a thick heavy cypress louvered door salvaged from our house destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. I love that door. But, to be according to code, if we do not have a 2nd way to exit the room in an emergency, we must add a door. Which is what I chose, since it will make it possible for us to shower out on the deck and come straight inside.

That shower is simple, but will have tile on the exterior house wall there. And a tiled shower base with a drain going into the city sewer system. And a shut off to drain it during freezing weather. Had to drain my present shower this winter, but it doesn't happen every year. It will have hot and cold water.

The new deck will be almost as wide as the back of the house, but not quite. It will be 8foot deep, so I can keep a small round table there. The height is below 30inches off the ground, so I have wooden posts but only a strand of cable below the top pipe railing. I want to SEE MY GARDEN. i mean it is an important part of my life. The view will be spectacular. when all those hosta are lush and green.

I forgot to mention that the flooring is the 5inch wide Select Ash by Bellawood throughout. Replacing the entire house and making all flooring the same height. Except for the tiled sunporch and the tiled bathrooms and the tiled walkin closet of the master bedroom. I like LIGHT. This flooring has been sitting, all 1200 sq feet of it, in my Teahouse taking up room and "conditioning" so if it isn't ready for use, I'll cry. I want my Teahouse back.

So with all of that as a preface, here are the camera shots I took of the drawings. I do not know how they will look on the forum, but they are too big for my scanner screen.








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WOW you have really worked through this. Well worth the long read. So happy you are going to be able to get your new front entry. I think it is going to make a huge difference in the way your living room lives. The out door shower placement is fantastic!! Now which way does that peeping neighbor live. LOL There are so many elements to the new kitchen. I can not even begin to address them. I am sure it is going to be wonderful. Can hardly wait for this to start.

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I thought I'd just post this quickly, and before I knew it I was spilling the beans in a big way. It's good to know that you are keeping an eye on the Smaller Homes forum too, Shades.

I recovered from the flu and it seems my strength is coming back gradually. It helps that the hosta garden is looking so sweet, my spirits are UP. A lot going on around here. It is sort of drizzling today, so no garden work...don't want to relapse before I quit taking my antibiotic.

Despite all the setbacks and delays, we might have a new kitchen despite it all. :)

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It looks terrific! You are gaining a ton of space. Sorry to hear you had the flu. I'm working through a cruddy cold right now and it's about to beat me, so I really sympathize with flu.

Shades, nice to see you here again too. How about an update?

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Marti I will start a new thread to update. I am sure this one for ML is going to get long. Can;t wait to see this happen. We have already enjoyed ML's ideas. So sorry you have a cold and ML the flue. I have escaped both so far. Hoping I am not jinxing myself by saying this.

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Cold/flu it all feels bad, and I'm taking my last antibiotic horse pill tomorrow. Don't want to harbor any super bugs which could come back to haunt me.

Well, there is so much to take in, and the devil is in the detail. Many who were here on the forum when this journey began are not reading now. New folks don't know what the back story is on today's thread.

All I can say right now is, it's been a long time coming, and the change is gonna do me GOOD.

I wrote more, but GW says there was an illegal or whatever term HTML string and I took out everything except this. Hope they are satisfied.

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It has been a long time coming. I bet you are ready to use that neat range.

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Hoping your remodel will being this board back to life. I have really missed all the small house folks. Garden junk is having a bit of a revival maybe this small house board will too.

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ML - that is some update! I've wondered how it was going and when you'd start it. I've been mostly off this past yr - with dead computer. And bad right hand so if I got on wasn't typing much if any. hopefully the computer won't die on me again and my hand won't swell up either.

I'm glad I didn't miss your remodel tho. I also wondered if you were using your stove yet. That be a bummer having it out there and not using it.

I missed the finish of marti's! (marti can you direct me to any final pics of yours?)
I've just been on 'float' most of this past yr with Jed coming and doing what he could w/o much money from me - or other help. He's getting married in a wk so he's not been here for a month or so. I haven't been doing good anyway so not up to doing much. lucky to get dishes done and the dog out/in.

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HA! There you are, Steph! So glad to have you drop by the thread and renew old plans. So, Marti finished her redo? Hope she can drop in again and link this thread to hers, or maybe bump hers up so we can find it easily.

At this early spring growing season, I'm outdoors in the garden working over my plants, and spend less time on the computer....until I upload pictures from my camera to Flickr and then to the HostaForum.

Incidentally we sold the house in Massachusetts, and are now in Alabama full time.The Teahouse project was completed with a few items remaining to be done AFTER it is cleared--we use it for storing our furnishings until the house job is done. Then I'll do something like paint the interior cinder block walls and maybe do the poured floor which is epoxy I think....waterproof, so should stand up to flower pots and bird poop.

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ML, I so enjoyed reading and viewing your plans. What thought you've put into remodeling and adding to your home to meet your needs. Love your kitchen and addition. Seems to perfect for what you enjoy, and a great sized space for the two of you. Can't wait to see pictures of your progress!

Here in TN, spring is delayed with much rain and cold. My hostas are just beginning to come up. Am longing for warm and sunny weather here. Enjoy your warm weather and your garden! I have enjoyed viewing your hostas in the Hosta Forum. We struggle here with terrible vole damage. Frustrating!!!!

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I love the plan! Lots of windows, banquette, sun porch, built-in bookcases, French doors, neat range, outdoor shower...what is not to love??? ;)

I'm so glad you're moving forward with the plans! Be sure to post lots of pictures...your house is so charming and I am so pleased you're going to be able to make it your own. It will be a lovely combination of vintage details with light and space!

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Hi ML, I am here, too. I started to read your plans, but it is much too late for comprehension, so I had to stop after you got rid of your bedroom entrance near the old bath and made the new closet and bemoaned the metal in the stucco interfering with reception! I will be back to look at diagrams and read the rest. I am glad that I did not miss it. You must bet getting near to AC weather down there now. We are having a very late spring compared to recent years and the snow has just finished melting. We just missed breaking the all-time record snowfall, set in the winter of 1880-1881, at 93.6 inches for the year. But there is still a chance that we could get the extra inch and a half we need well into April.

I am hoping to get back into the garden this year. Too dizzy last year. I got some helpful diagnoses in the meanwhile, and now when I talk about my wacky pulse rate and dizziness and near fainting I am taken seriously. I see the electrocardiologist at the end of the month. I may have POTS, Positional Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, to go along with my Orthostatic Hypotension. I don't think either will kill me, and I HOPE that we will get me functioning better soon. My little Doxie lady, Lizzy, is my constant companion. I love how she hums in her sleep! My Toby is still with us at 14, and having lost 5 lbs, is chipper and bouncing around like a young'un. He is a hoot, the way he gallops in the door from the yard like maybe someone is cooking or doing something interesting in here - always the optimist, that Toby! DH is well. We have the hope that we will get the house we moved out of in 2005 up for sale soon. We got rid of its second mortgage, so now we can afford to sell.

I will be back to see those plans!

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Ohhhhh, Nancy, you're a doxie mama too! I lost my MoonPie in 2012 just before he was 14 to liver and kidney failure. He was my constant companion, little white Maltese boy. I placed red pavers all around the back40 and such so he would not get his feet wet, he hated that. So I call my paths the Moon Walk. When he was no longer around, our doxie girl Dixie became so depressed and anxious, that I looked for a companion, and found Dolly, who was born 2 days before MoonPie passed. I brought her home at 8 weeks, and I swear MoonPie whispered in her ear how to behave. BUT, with her I got a digging doxie, who loves to stay right beside me in the garden. Thankfully we have no voles, but we do have moles (they eat grubs not plant roots), and she goes after them. She is more a hound dog than Dixie, and at almost 2 years old, she still loves her toy box.

Last picture shows front of the Teahouse too....where everything for the remodel is stored, waiting waiting.

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My goodness ML you have quite the plans ahead of you and I know from what I've seen in the past, that you and yours will do a great job. Looking forward to seeing pictures.


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I thank you, FlowerLady. Hopefully it will all come to pass. The old saying is, "There is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip." It is also true about remodeling plans!

Now.....this morning first thing, FedEx drove up with two big boxes, had to get them off the truck so he could make his other deliveries.

I've always admired the Barcelona chairs if you are a modernist you will know them. X-framed base of polished stainless, and a leather upper just very plain. Well, Houzz had a sale of them in a dining chair version, 2 chairs per box. I now have two boxes, or four chairs, still in the boxes, waiting waiting with everything else. They are on the way to the Teahouse for storage until the work is done.

Two will be at the trestle style dining table located in front of the window seat. No arms.

The other two will be in the living room with a table between perhaps, or maybe pushed together as a wider loveseat look, which is what the Barcelona chair resembled to me.

That will allow me to use them as additional dining chairs, but they look awesome, a feast for the eyes.

Want to see the box? Okay. But a link to the ad literature of the real thing is also below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Modern White Leather Dining Chair

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Those are very nice chairs, ML. I agree that they could go in the living room as easily as the dining room. I like the wavy "x" legs, especially. It gives them a little something extra.

I have studied your diagrams and read your descriptions, finally. Ran around all day yesterday - went and got a Holter Monitor at the cardiologist's and then hit Salvation Army, where I got a sweet little bakers rack - solid metal, welded seams - for $35! Just needs a little 3M Rust Reformer.

I think you have shown us the kitchen design before. I remember the sink across from the Bertazzoni, the big garden window, the baking area. I am not sure if you had the nice indentation there for the cook to have a safe zone, though. I do remember the sitting area outside the bedroom, though. It is neat to see the diagram of your home after all these years of seeing photos of little parts of it and imagining how it all fits together. The nosy neighbor, is he on the side with the clawfoot tub and your clothes closet?

Is the new vestibule in the front new this time? I don't think I remember seeing that. I am also a bit surprised that you gave up on the storage/pantry units on either side of the window seats. I like your idea of base and wall cabinets with your favorite solid surface counter there, though. Does the table that you use in that space have extensions that you can use to fill the dining room if you have a large group?

I am now struggling with an idea I have for my family room. We now have a nice (but huge) 1990s TV unit with the doors that slide out to shut the TV behind. Which I never do. The thing is 5 ft high, which is too high to place my gnome garden upon. I have my air plant garden up there, but it can hardly be seen. I want to ditch the furniture, get a larger wall-hung TV (old eyes can't see small print) and have a furniture piece that I can set things on and under. Craigslist had an beautiful console table for $230 that was under 2' deep at its smallest configuration that looked like a sofa table. It could be pulled out to 8' long! Yet it was only about 8" deep! I could set things on the floor underneath it, as well as on top. It did need a little restoration (it was from the 1930s), and I would not feel really comfortable putting a garden on it, as drips could happen. But since I made the entire kitchen into an island, I have no place for a table-height table, and thought I might want that option if I could ever talk DH into getting rid of the hunk o'oak that I once thought that I just had to have! I'd love to give it to someone to make into a nice play kitchen set like MamaGoose made! We could bring up dining chairs from the basement and have a sit-down meal if we wanted to. Currently, we eat at the island or sitting on family room furniture. I have a tea cart DH and I have used as a dining table, though.

So I am imagining that you have the extending table that I wish I had!

I hope that you are well by now, and that Marti is over her cold, too. I hear that both flu and colds are going around in Michigan, with Norovirus and RSV also hitting hard. We have been lucky, so far.

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Nancy, thank you for the critique and the long term memories you have of my house plans. It makes me feel good that I was able to express what I wanted even though I had yet to work out the details. Your recall is fantastic!

Yes, the nosy neighbor is on the master bath & closet side of the house. He was up on the roof yesterday, in fact. One of these days he will be too old to go walking around up there with a leaf blower, ear protectors on, gym shorts, no shirt, and a back brace (black) around his midriff. He goes to gym these days, I'm told, but nothing can help the body parts already gone south......believe me, I know. ;)

More later. I spent yesterday installing STUFF on my DH's new Windows 8 laptop, including upgrading to 8.1, and it took all day and half the night. I'm hung over from the effort.

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OH I am not a fan of new computers. Never tried windows 8 Will be an experience when I have to go there when this Dell poops out on me. Hoping not for a long time.

I do think you have stayed pretty true to your desires for your new kitchen. There have been some changes more like tweaking versed complete do over. I am very impressed with how this has come together and I am sure is is painful waiting for it to happen now you are ready to flip the switch on it. Hoping it gets going for you soon.

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