Club Chairs - where to buy?

domino3July 26, 2012

I am in the market for some neutral moderate sized club chairs (no more than 32-36x38-40) for my small living room. My taste is traditional (e.g. WS Home) but my price point is probably no more than $800 per chair. They will be for reading and entertaining and I have 3 kids.

My question is where to shop? I want to sit in them so hesitant to order online. I've looked at PB, Macys and C/B. I am in CA...any ideas?


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I have a couple of sets of club chairs (one set is a modified wing back/club chair). I think you might be better off focusing on manufacturers rather than retail outlets. One set of mine is from Broyhill, the other from Rowe.

I'm in California, too--northern California. I think I bought both sets at Naturewood (in Sacramento). But you might look at some of the manufacturer sites and then use the store locators to find out who carries what you like.

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The last time Ilooked, most new upholstered furniture was of a larger scale than I prefer. My solution was picking up great chairs at thrift shops and reupholstering. I found a gorgeous,tufted- back Baker club at a Goodwill for $8.00! . I am in Ca . where There are lots of reasonable Upholsterers if you only require a simple job.

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Room and Board has three locations in California. They sell a lot of smaller scale pieces.

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davisgard- Good point. So are you happy with your Broyhills? What about Bassett? Drexel? Ethan Allen?

I would love to troll the thrift stores to find a great reupholstery deal but frankly I don't have the time to keep checking back at those places. I have been looking on CL with no luck yet.

Going to check out Room and Board..

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I am looking at club chair "style" also. I am considering chairs made by Sam Moore. They are swivel rockers and are just under six hundred and smaller scale. I cannot find any reviews however which does concern me a little and I thought buying new furniture was going to be fun!

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I have been happy with both the Broyhill (which don't get used much) and the Rowe (which get used a lot). Both are large, though, so probably wouldn't work for you!

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