Calin's latest 3 mosaics

calinromaniaJanuary 3, 2011

Hello everyone,

This is what I came up with in December.

The cross is for mom.

The one with the squares and rectangles was made with leftovers.

I am officially out of maierials I could use.

Still have some, but too few to really combine them successfully.

all together


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I love the cross! Was this a Christmas gift for your mom? How did she like it. Very nicely done!


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Very nice and artistic. Love the cross. The middle one is an interesting piece.

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omg! that middle one suggests endless possibilities...I especially like that one...

and from a distance, it looks like a music note~

very cool

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I love your cross !!!! I love doing them .I sell a lot at a floral shop in town.When I want to do something creative I can always do a cross.
I also look at all your work do not think I have seen it before .Love it all.

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Very Nice...........gotta get myself back to doing more mosaics...especially after I see such pretty work.

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THANK YOU ALL for the nice comments.
Makes it all worth going through (the finger cuts, the mess, the black nails from the grout... LOL)

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I really love them all! Your work is so clean and beautiful! The middle piece is really wonderful, and reminds me of a 3 part abstract I ditched a while back. The colors are so eye catching and like strawberrygoat said - It looks like a music note! Go shopping - make more!

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Nice work! Love the colors.

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Well... I don't plan on stopping now!

But really, if I want to get more materials for mosaics I need to get at least 300 EUR to make a larger order and at the moment all the money I make goes back to the bank :(

Also... last Sunday I broke my Sony camera... old one, bought it 6 years ago in Taiwan. I need to figure out if I can fix it and for how much.
I can't live without a camera, especially in spring when the garden comes back to life.


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