Quality of Bassett Furniture?

vavavoomJuly 30, 2009

Does anyone know anything about Bassett Furniture Quality? Was in there today and say some seemingly nice pieces for a decent prices.

Thanks for any help!

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You might want to post this in the Furniture forum as I would think that the people there would certainly have more experienced opinions.

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oh ok, thanks. didn't even notice that there was a furniture forum!

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I've had a dresser, nightstand, armoire for 12 years from them and it's held up really well. (admittedly, it's in a Guest room but still great)

We bought a John Elway leather sectional 2 years ago and absolutely love it.

Just my personal experience...I've seen a few reviews that say it's hit and miss!

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I bought an entertainment center that arrived with a small hole in the hutch part of it. They were great about replacing it but from that damage I was able to see they use pressed board underneath that nice looking veneer. That's no uncommon these days with furniture but I was told by the saleswoman that Bassett believes strongly in using only hardwoods, there is no particle board in their furniture. Goes to show how uninformed she was. I've heard there is off-gassing with particle board which some people are sensitive to but it doesn't seem to have affected us. So, I let it go because DH really liked the furniture and I couldn't prove what she said because I never got it in writing.

What piece are you thinking of buying? Be careful of the large TV credenzas. Ours sagged down the middle from the weight of a 46" flat screen TV...which is nowheres near as heavy as the tube TVs are nor is it the largest TV you can fit on that credenza. So there's no excuse for it to sag. DH turned it upside down and was shocked to see they had put no support in the middle. They were nice enough to order another one for us but it sagged too. This time he decided to take matters in his own hands and added wood braces underneath plus two more feet. It doesn't sag anymore.

So you get what you pay for. The furniture looks nice on the surface, I think it will last as long as I need it to. If DH weren't a handyman I would have been pretty upset about the saggin problem but that's resolved now so I'm content. They are built in the USA which I like and it only takes 30 days from the time you order to delivery which is very good.

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We bought a Bassett 4 poster bed over 2 years ago, and it still looks like brand new. I was also told by the sales person that their products are all made here in the US. But when they were putting the bed together, I remember seeing the wood slats that support the mattress has "made in China" print on it. So I guess only the major parts of the furniture is made in the US. Overall, I'm very happy with it, held up really well:)

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I have recently bought 5 pieces from Bassett and coordinating fabric to recover my sofa. I bought 2 Dawson chairs in a beautiful creamy fabric w/small threads of green and camel running through it; the sofa fabric is a creamy fabric that coordinates with these chairs. Then I bought 2 of the Vancouver Chairs in a grey fabric to go on either side of fireplace. And last I bought the glass top polished nickel cocktail table. I love all the furniture, got hours of help from the in-store interior decorator, and so far have found the quality exceptional. I bought during a huge sale back in the spring and thought everything was very reasonable. I would definitely buy from them again, and I usually buy from stores that carry higher end names, but why pay more?

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We were very disappointed with our furniture from Bassett. We ordered an end table and coffee table and they arrived with multiple worm holes in the tops. We contacted Bassett and they just said it was 'distressed'. We didn't order distressed furniture - it's just poor quality.

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I hope the sofas are good quality. I just ordered a custom sofa from them last week. I never dreamed I would spend so much for a sofa, but since I only have a living room and not a family room, I have to get a good quality sofa to hold up to the daily use in my living room. We'll see since it only takes 30 days to get here.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We ordered a sofa from them for our library last year and it looks nice and sits well. Can't say for durability though as that room is seldom used. We waited for a sale on their custom pieces so it wasn't as expensive as I had feared.

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Stay away from Bassett furniture! I've had terrible experience with them.
Read my blog post for more details:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bassett furniture quality

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Friends got a custom sofa (leather) from Bassett for their library. They're very pleased with it, but it's too new to know how well it will hold up. Do wait for a sale though - their sales are excellent.

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I purchased a Bassett loveseat and recliner from a coworker going through a divorce back in 2002. It was the Mission style with Southwestern motif fabric. It held up well until a couple of years ago. The frame of both loveseat and recliner are still quite good but the fabric is shot, pillows on sofa lumpy and the varnish on the arms is wearing off.

For what I paid ($250 for the slightly used set) I feel the set served its purpose for ten years. Not sure whether it's worth having re-upholstered but I hate to throw out a good frame. I'll probably donate it to someone who is handy that way. At any-rate it looked nice for a number of years while the kids were growing up and was quite comfortable.

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I bought a Bassett bedroom set in 1983. Used it until around 2005 when I gave it to my grandaughter. It was sturdy, drawers worked very good, finish was great and she is still using it. I would not hesitate to buy Basset wood furniture again.

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I bought a Bassett bedroom set, without a mattress, when we were married, 22 years ago. It was a "used" set from another military family and was six or seven years old then. It had made one state-to-state move before we bought it.

We moved it from Delaware, to California, to the base in North Dakota, and then to our new/old house in Larimore - four moves. It's still going strong.

There are some surface nick and dings here and there.

The style and color is nothing I would have ever chosen for myself, but the price was right, We paid $800 for the entire set - headboard and frame, nightstand, chest of drawers, and a long coffin-like dresser with a huge mirror. Ugh! When I tried to purchase a new nightstand in the same line it was priced at over $300. I passed and bought a lovely circa 1900s, oak washstand for my "nightstand." It was $90 at a resale shop.

Everything else seems to keep moving up the "must do" list in front of "furniture;" so we're still using it. The pieces are all still sturdy, operative, and solid. The drawers are in perfect condition.

We've replaced our mattress twice, and are planning to purchase an Amish-made oak bed and dressers after the sun porch is a functional four-seasons room. Until then, I'm in "French provincial cherry and curly-cued brass hardware" Heaven.

So, my experience with circa-1985 mid-range Bassett furniture has been good. It's not all "solid wood," but there is a lot of wood in it. It cleans beautifully, holds our clothes, supports our pillows, and fills the bedroom.

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My 4 poster Rice bed is 20+ years old, and looks as good as the day I bought it. I got rid of the matching dresser/night stands years ago since I didn't like the matchy-matchy look. Haven't looked at solid wood since then, but could still be fairly well made for the bucks.

I recently looked at wingback DR chairs for DD, and though nicely made, at $950 each, thought that was too much.

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I bought a lot of furniture from there in 2005 or 2006 and it's held up pretty well so far. The only problems have been due to moving across the country three times.

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