Out of time...one final kitchen idea :)

lavender_lassApril 3, 2011

Well, I need to come up with something to show the contractor and get a budget put together. Since the roof lines derailed my other plan, nothing seems to be quite right. I've thought about doing something like this, for a long time, but thought the dining room off the entry would be more 'authentic'.

Here's one final idea...with the L-shaped layout I had before, but flipping the kitchen and dining spaces. This makes the sunroom much more accessible and brings in a lot more light and views to the dining area.

The laundry/pantry stays pretty much the same, but the sunroom is now 2 feet deeper (23' x 15') to accomodate the door and the wood stove clearances.

I'd really appreciate your opinions and ideas! Thoughts on having the kitchen in the front? I think I'll like being able to see the living room and fireplace, while I'm in the kitchen, but I'll probably stick with neutral finishes, since the kitchen would be open to so many rooms.

Here's some pictures, showing the planned white cabinets, butcher block countertops around the perimeter and the 3' x 5' work table, hopefully with a marble top (still have to find one). Again, thanks for your input! :)

Still hoping to add some fairy tale touches :)

Not exactly like my sunroom, but I love this picture!

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I really like the flip! My only thought would be that the fridge is up against a wall. You may need to leave room for a little buffer, especially if it a french door style or a side by side. Also what is "C" next to the fridge?

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That's my sink faucet! LOL I really need to get some software :)

Good idea about the fridge, but it will probably be a swing one way, maybe with the freezer on the bottom.

Thanks for checking out the plan! I have to make a decision, so I can hopefully have Summerfield make changes to my plan (on beautiful software, over on the building forum) and show all this to my contractor next week!

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Lavender- So do you invision yourself prepping between the sink and the range? Another thought is that you may want to flip the W/D with the Fz Par so (Freezer? Pantry?) so that they are closer to your kitchen. Not sure if that is possible with plumbing.

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One last thing.. it would also be nice if those stools swiveled so that you could see out into your sunroom. Thought a thought.

Here is a neat Houzz article regarding stools.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz Article

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Newbie- Thanks for the ideas...and the link! I would probably prep between the sink and range and maybe between the range and wall oven. I'm thinking about maybe some granite there, for hot items...but that's only an idea.

I can't flip the washer and dryer (although it would be nice) because it gets too cold in the winter, to put the washer on an outside wall (especially on a former porch) and the washer plumbing has to go through the kitchen wall and down into the basement. The little corner niche is to hide the plumbing, with display above.

Great article on the stools. I'm actually using chairs, so the work table is shorter than counter height...perfect for rolling out dough, etc. I also want an area where the nieces and nephews can sit and help with baking/prep. Yes, marble may not be the smartest choice (as far as maintenance) but I feel a lot better about a small piece on a work table, rather than a fixed island or cabinetry. Worse case scenario, the marble top gets cut down and used in the sunroom and we get a different work table countertop for the kitchen :)

One other thing I like about the work table...it can move when needed. This would make it much easier to add leaves to the table (turn it if necessary) and seat 6 to 8 people, maybe even more. That's something we don't have room for in our present kitchen. We also have easy to move, light weight furniture in the sunroom, so that could be rearranged and put the table in there, if necessary. Of course, I'd probably have to take it through the laundry room (wider door) but it would work for holidays!

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I really like this way the best. Until I saw it I never thought of it. As I remember your living room is to the right,in the plan, of your kitchen where the 4 foot is marked. We have our kitchen open to the living room and it is not a problem. I just keep my dishes done up all the time. Would anyway as I do not like to see dishes in the sink.

I would not worry about the fine details as long as you have the basics in order for your contractor. I know it is not good to make a lot of changes after the fact but stools and marble topped tables kind of things can all be changed, I am always changing things here.

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Shades- Thank you! I like this plan a lot, too. It just seems like it flows so much better...and for once, I don't feel like I'm trying to force the plan to fit into the space.

I'm hoping this is the one and we'll just work around the details, as you suggest. Right now, I have to get the big decisions finished, so I can find out our budget...which will help decide the details. Let's just say, it's a good thing I like to shop at thrift shops, antique stores and rummage sales! LOL

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Me too on the thrift stores and such. Always done it and do not imagine I will change now. Remember a regular library table can have an added marble top as some one else suggested. The added inch or so will be good.

I agree the newest version does seem to flow nicely.

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Shades- I really like having to be creative and putting things together like that! I also like to buy box furniture and build it myself. It's so much fun to take a bunch of flat pieces and end up with a desk or media cabinet. It reminds me of sewing...two dimensional to three dimensional :)

I wanted to tell you all that Noelle (my friend on the kitchen forum) came up with a great idea for my pantry space....putting a door where the window is now, over the bench. I could add a mudroom on that end (it would work with the new rooflines) and it would solve SO many problems. Also, lots more storage for things like grain, outdoor kitty food, tools, fencing repair items (wire, insulators, wire cutters, etc.)

A door from the mudroom, out the back would be really convenient to the barns...and no letting all the cold air into the sunroom (and onto my plants) in the winter! :)

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Here's the plan, with the mudroom. I really like all the extra storage! I still need to figure out what to do with the doorway, when sitting at the dining room. It used to look at the bench, with window above...now you'd see the door. Maybe a pocket door, between the dining area and mudroom?

The other 'problem' with my plan, on the other forum, is that my fridge won't work against the wall...and I can't make the wall shorter, because it backs on to the vestibule. So, I switched the ovens and fridge. This works out well, but it's a long way from the sink to the fridge. One idea, change work table back to island and add a prep sink. This means the furniture is less flexible, for making the dining table larger...but there's lots of space in the sunroom, so I could take the table in there, for the holidays, and seat 10-12!

Any ideas, input, suggestions? Thanks again for helping me with my plan. I think I'm finally close to getting this how I want it, which is good, since I need to get a budget and see when we can start working on all this! :)

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Just an update...more changes over on the other forum and I think they make a lot of sense!

First, powder room in the pantry/laundry area and now able to move the washer and dryer to the outside wall. It's going to be more money to include the plumbing, but I think it will be well worth it. Also, the farm sink is now in the mudroom, along with the bench, coat hooks and more storage.

In the kitchen, the fridge is moved up just a bit, to make more room for the island area and the niche (now no longer needed for plumbing) is a 'secret' access for the kitties into their little area, next to the freezer (kitty boxes behind the curtain). This makes room for a pocket door, sliding into the wall, on the tall pantry side of the opening...which means no staring in the laundry room, while eating dinner...and kitties can still access their area.

Any other changes/improvement that you would recommend? I'm really happy with the new layout and I think it will be so great seeing the sunroom and the living room, from the kitchen! :)

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I really like the new arrangement of the kitchen. I like having everything together this way. I looked for your complete house plan to see how it worked with the entry, but I couldn't find it.

If you are going to add a mudroom, and have plumbing in it, you could put the half bath in there and have easy access to the bathroom when you are entertaining outside, or working outside and don't want to track mud through so much.

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This plan from Summerfield, is pretty close to the layout, for the right side of the house.

Here's an idea of what the living room would look like (style wise) with about half the patterns...I like this, but it's a little too busy.

I'd like to use something like this for the master bedroom dressing cupboards/closets. Very french looking...at least to me :)

The center bathroom looks like this, maybe one foot longer, with a little more room for the vanity and cabinet. One foot equals six inches in this picture.

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