Master Bedroom Needs Help!

tarzyJuly 1, 2012

I've been reading Maria Killam, and I realize how important it is to coordinate undertones but I'm really stumped in my MB.

The floors - pale, pale "maple" laminate (original owner installed, I hate it but we can't afford to change it right now.)

The bed - (can't afford to buy new one right now) also pale maple, accented with darker wood. It basically blends into the floor, but at least the undertones match, lol!

Dresser & nightstands - are natural cherry, so red based undertones, I guess?

Karastan Ivory Oushak rug. It goes well with the floors and adds some color & oomph.

Drapes are dark "Pecan" color from RH a few years ago - I can't decide if they're yellow or red undertones? They're a bronzy brown, and go well with the rug, but I'd be willing to switch out if something else would work better.

I really need a new wall color - but what? A warm yellow-based beige to go with the floors & rug? Something like Pittsfield Buff HC-24 or Monroe Bisque HC-26? Would that work with the cherry wood?

I also need a new duvet. This room needs a better eye than I have to tie it all together! Any suggestions? Thank you so much!

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I would match the blue in the rug.I think you need some color.


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Thanks Nancy! I totally agree - need some color!

I actually found this duvet cover last week that matches the blue accent in the rug very well, but something still feels off. To me, the duvet looks like one big block, and the curtains look like one big block, and I'm just not sure how to tie it all together!

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You might try a blue and brown combo on your bed like this, but with a rustier brown to match your curtains.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue and brown bedroom

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I love the blue and brown bedroom gmp3 sent in! Maybe you can add a folded blanket at the end of the bed to match the drapes.

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how about a couple of sets of sheer panels which match the duvet?
i'd try this and see how i liked it.
hang the brown drapes from the ceiling and maybe a foot away from the window on each side and fill in the space with the blue shears. adjust for pleasing proportions.
add a wide band of pattern to the bottom of the drapes and hang them just off the floor.
use that pattern on the bed too, pillows or bedskirt trim or something.

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I think part of what is throwing you off is that you either need a much larger rug or you need to slide this one up under the bed and add another. Not sure how much room is left on the side opposite the bed, but if it is a lot, you could even slide the rug away from the bed and get a couple of smaller rugs for either side of the bed. If you slide the rug up under the bed to where the side tables are-as long as the legs at the foot of the bed are on the rug-you could put a bench at the end of the bed to add the same colors there.

I would also group the pictures closer together rather than having them spread out around the walls (I am not a fan of lots of small things on walls). Maybe put the one resting on the bed on the same wall with the same sized one on the right of the bed, one over the other. Then get a large piece for over the bed.

You could go bold with chocolate walls which would set off the bed beautifully. If you did something like that, I might switch out the bedside lamps, though.

Your bed is pretty and so are the floors. I think you can make a warm, lovely room with a little tweaking.

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Such great suggestions!

cyn427 - you're right - the rug is a problem. It's too small - 6x9. It was the only size I could afford, and I do love it. Unfortunately if I pull it up, it's virtually hidden by the bed, plus that leaves a pretty big area of just pale laminate where the rug currently sits. I've thought about getting smaller rugs or runners for the side of the bed, but nothing has looked right. Should I try to match the main color of the rug?

I like your ideas about the pictures. I hadn't thought of that! Hubby doesn't like pictures over the bed (we're in earthquake country) but I do need something there. Maybe I can find something soft to hang.

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Annie Deighnaugh

The drape is short and skimpy...I'd want to add more panels and more length. I know it sounds picky, but it makes a big difference if the bedspread is properly tucked in at the foot of the bed. Then I'd get a throw that combines the colors and fold in half and place along the lower half of the bed.

Get some pillows for the can buy cheap bed pillows at walmart and use them to stuff the shams...then use coordinating pillow cases for your sleeping pilows and place them so they show. Add a few throw pillows in front to make the bed look more luxurious.

If you want to leave the area rug, just add one on the side of the bed. I got a luscious sheepskin at Ikea for not a lot of money, but it is wonderful for barefeet in the a.m.

I agree about grouping the pics over the bed or getting one larger picture that is better scale to the space.

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Did some quick photoshops. I think adding some pillows in the brown would help, but use more casual fabrics than shown, I also added a tapestry over the bed, maybe use a light hanging rod. Don't think the image is what you'd want but just added it to give you an idea. I also tried a chocolate accent wall and adding a band of blue to the curtains, sheers could work too. I like how the chocolate wall makes the bed pop. Love that rug.

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Annie Deighnaugh

The room already looks better already, esp with the chocolate wall.

There are ways to attach things to the wall so they won't fall down...unless the wall falls down too! So, for example, if you used large screw eyes and then threaded the rod through the screw eyes, the tapestry won't come down.

Also, since the end table is open on the bottom, you may want to look for a basket or a box to put the stuff (CPAP?) in while still being accessible from the top.

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In my eyes, the bed should match with light color as well as the curtains. The curtain color is too dark,and makes people feel oppressive��

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I think I'd try to find a duvet cover that pulled out some of the greenish- brown in the rug. The blue is pretty, but seems too ethereal for the rest of the earthy colors in the room.

And ... If you put all those pillows on the bed be sure you have a place to put them when you actually want to USE the bed. I know it's supposed to look luxurious but all those pillows just say, "look how much $ I spent on pillows that never get used" to me.

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I agree with cyn about bringing the rug up under the bed. 9 feet is wide enough to show rug on both sides of the bed (plus see under the bed) and 6 feet "may" be enough to get the legs at the foot on the rug and go almost to the night stands. Search on Houzz for photos of "rug under bed" to see different placements. Even if the area at the foot is bare(which you're used to seeing with the rug), the bed should be the focal point of the room. With the rug under, it emphasizes the bed. Love the rug, too!

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So many fabulous suggestions. You guys are amazing!
gmp3 - those pics are fabulous. They really help.
I'll try moving the rug and see how that looks, although I'm really afraid of all that pale, bare floor it will leave. I love the idea of the sheepskin from Ikea - I'll have to check that out!

I love the curtain color, although I do wish I had bought two extra panels back then - I agree they look a tad skimpy. Too bad they don't sell this color anymore. I wonder if I should think about replacing them, maybe using a different color. Ugh - small rug, skimpy curtains - I've learned my lesson!

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