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lavender_lassApril 12, 2011

Well, time to go meet with the contractor in a few days...and I wanted to show you all my final plan (which looks so pretty, thanks to Summerfield!) The only 'new' parts of the house, will be the mud room, sunroom and part of the vestibule. Everything else is already there...with the exception of a few additional feet in the vestibule and main bath.

Please, let me know what you think and thank you all for your help and support! :)

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It looks terrific! I just noticed your wood box access door in the living room too. I like that!

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WOW Wonderful. I think you have it all in there and so surprising to do so with as little addition as you are doing. What a dream cottage you are creating.

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Shades- Thank you! I am so excited to finally have a plan that provides all the spaces we were hoping to have, in the house. It's been a challenge, but it's been fun, too.

Marti- Isn't that cool...that was Summerfield's idea! I came up with the little kitty door, under the niche (by the oven/microwave) that leads into the utility room. Kitties can get to the kitty box, even when the pocket doors are closed :)

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And LL, it looks fantastic. I noticed the wood door too, a really great touch. And the woodburner stove for heat back in the sunroom. Oh wow, what a nice room that will be. Then I see you have your "away" window seat in the master suite. It should be a cozy place to sit and choose something to read off those shelves at either end.

When you start constructing, we'll have to have a virtual kickoff here. It is very hard to document everything. I've tried on several projects to get the BEFORE shots, then too late discover that my eye totally overlooked some aspect of the job. If you can get a video and talk your way through your house as it is now, that will come in handy after the job is done. It will have to be awesome. Truly a major difference.

How long has it been since you first posted that you wanted to redo your old place into something enchanting? Good show, LavenderLass. And Summerfield makes it all look so real already.

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Wow! Its looks wonderful Lavender!! I am so excited for you! It must feel really good to have a design you love!!

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Mmmmm, what happened to the floor plan?
It is GONE this morning. Strange.....

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Ah, very, very nice Lav! I hope your meeting with your contractor goes well. You've got a wonderful design and I am envious of the utility and mud rooms from a purely practical perspective, while the sunroom looks like a comfortable place to settle in and read with a cat on your lap, or to take in the view with your favorite beverage on a lazy Sunday. You did good!

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Kim- Thank you! It all seems to flow much better, than some of the previous plans. The sunroom is a big improvement :)

Newbie- I'm really excited, too! I finally feel like we have a plan that really suits our lifestyle and works well, with the house. It's the family farm, so we've tried to keep it similar enough, it still feels like home...since my husband's brothers and sisters all spent Christmases and summers out here, while they were growing up!

ML- Summerfield is so talented! I've been so lucky to have such beautiful plans much nicer than my little sketches! LOL I would love to have a virtual kickoff! That would be so much fun...and you're right, I should take lots of 'before' pictures!

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I don't know what a kickoff is, but it sounds like fun. Summerfield has a knack for simplifying and yet getting everything you want in it.

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Wow! It is truly going to be a dream cottage! I cannot wait to see it!

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Shelayne- Thank you...I'm really happy with this final plan :)

Marti- Summerfield is fact, my contractor was very impressed with the software and he is NOT easily impressed! LOL

Well, just a few small changes, like taking the prep sink out and adding a marble slab for baking. The rest of the island countertop will be wood. The perimeter countertops will be ceramic tile.

I do need to change the wood stove and move it back into the corner...and take out one window. I was going to put the upstairs bath over the main bath and the chimney made sense there. Now, it turns out I'll have to put the bath over the laundry/half bath (which will also work out well) but the chimney is now in the back corner.

This will be much easier and somewhat cheaper, since chimney's closer than 10' from the highest roof line has to be the same height...but 15' back, it can be a lot shorter. I think it will look better from the kitchen, too, since it's a small wood stove with the glass door. Then you can see two fires! :)

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LL, will you be gutting the whole house to do this?

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My only comment about this plan is how will you get the crowd in that dining room for Christmas if they all come to this house for the holidays? Will you be using the sunroom as the flow over dining room for the holidays? That is what I would do....

Do you want to do French doors where the windows and the door the door is between the DR and SR? That seems liks a more natural transition than interior windows and a door....

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Kaismom- Yes, we could dine in the sunroom, if we have a lot of people over for the holidays. My husband has a HUGE family and there's no way we'd all fit around one table, except maybe in a banquette room! LOL It seems to work better to have finger food and let everyone sit where they like and visit :)

Here's sort of an updated plan. I just found out I might be able to get a wonderful deal on a baby grand piano, so I wanted to see if it would fit. I could make some changes with the french doors, if necessary, but I like the way the door isn't in the middle of the table area, but off to one side.

This is not the actual piano, but it's similar. I don't like the chairs, but I love that palm!

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I'm so excited...I think I've finally made all my little changes and this is it. Summerfield did a beautiful job (as always) and I wanted to show you the final plan :)

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LL- I love it! It's so much fun to watch the collaboration of different ideas come together. I can't wait to see it brought to fruition. I don't comment much in other people's design threads because, quite frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing. Being a guy, I guess I'm more concerned with the nuts and bolts of how it's going to be built, and less with the aesthetics and flow of the house.

Between your ideas, all of our friends here on GW, and Summerfield's talent and artistry, I think you've got a great house! I only wish I was anywhere near as far along with my design.

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Jay- Your design is beautiful and you're getting very close to creating your perfect plan! Perfect for you and your DW :)

Thanks for the compliment! Summerfield has done such a wonderful job with the drawing and made many excellent suggestions. It's been so helpful having so much input and support with my plan from all my GW friends...especially since it's not your normal house plan.

Our contractor really liked it, but kept asking me...are you sure you don't want a master bath? I guess because I'm a gal, he thinks I might need another bathroom. I showed him the doors that close off the back hall and make it feel more like a suite. He thought that was pretty cool and a great way to save some money...which I (of course) turned around and 'spent' on the sunroom! LOL

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