Mosaic on a cement goose?

ruthannJanuary 15, 2013

I'm VERY new but would love to try doing some of this. Has anyone used mosaic on a cement goose? I would like to try, but it is very rough. Also, what is thinset? Is it a mortar and found like in the building section of Home Depot? I've heard of that, but never seen it. I love all your pictures. Thanks, Ruth Ann

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Welcome to the fun. Yes, you ARE new - I remember when I didn't know the meaning of thinset, and it appeared no one would tell me. It's a cement-based mortar for applying tiles. If you are going to mosaic your concrete goose, that's what you should use. I use the Mapei brand from Lowes. It already has the polymer admixture in it. I'm sure Home Depot has mortar w/the polymer, but have never used theirs. It's found in the flooring section at Lowes. I buy it in 50-lb bags, but you can get it in smaller bags. Be sure and post pictures of your work in progress (WIP).

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yep, go to your tile section of the hardware store and ask for thinset, comes in white or light grey.

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I've yet to try this, but in a mosaic class I took we learned to mix up small amounts of thinset in a zip-lock baggie and cut the corner off after it's mixed. Then you use it like a frosting bag. Less mess, less waste.

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