Braided fleece throw?

trudy_gwDecember 15, 2005

I want to make a fleece throw with a braided edge.

My questions is I want to make the throw with two pieces of fleece for the throw, can I do the braiding with two pieces of fabric?

Hope someone can answer this today, need to make for Christmas gift.

Here are the instructions.

Looped (or optional Braided Finish) (Mary Ann Overturf)

Cut out 3" squares from each corner of fleece after removing the selvedge edges.

Place a strip of masking tape 3" from the edge of the fleece on all four sides. Turn up the edge of the fleece to meet the masking tape. Pin & sew the raw edge using a zigzag stitch. Cut the fringe in 1/2" strips stopping the cut 1/4" from the stitching.

Optional: After cutting the loops, make a braided edge by "finger crocheting" one loop through the next loop. Go all the way around the blanket using a large crochet hook to pull the loops through. Tuck the last loop into the first one and hand stitch to anchor.

Another option for the Looped Finish is to sew a 3" piece of contrasting or coordinating fleece to each end of the blanket. Fold in half, sew down with a zigzag stitch and cut the loops as above

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Hmmm. Can you scan a pic of the finished braided edge. First the instructions talk about cutting strips, then it talks about cutting loops "After cutting the loops, make a braided edge by "finger crocheting" one loop through the next loop." Where did loops come from if all we have are 3" strips? If I could see a pic I might be able to decypher what they are saying.

With the two layer fleece throw, usually you stitch the two layers together,3" in from the edge, all around. Then cut 1/2" strips from the outside edge to the stitching . Then you just tie the two matching strips together, going all around the quilt. It looks great. Don't know why you would want to go to all that extra trouble with the braiding.

Marti in Mexico

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Yes, Trudy. Just finger crochet using a loop from each of the layers as if they were one. Grab one pair of loops, pull then ('it') through the next set, and so on. Once you get started, you'll see that it will work out.

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Thanks Red Confetti
I got if figured out on a piece of scrap fleece.
Was sure it would seem to thick with two pieces of fleece, but its not. Ended up just knotting the fleece, but may try a throw after Christmas with the braided edge. There never seems to be enough hours the last few days before Christmas. Should start earlier getting the gifts ready, but I am not that kind of person :)

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