Final Layout

EATREALFOODApril 3, 2012

I have a final layout !

Sink wall:

Pantry wall:


The area is 12x10', opens up to a living room. There is a gas meter near the ceiling to the right of the sink about 2 ft down 2ft across. The narrow upper and the half of the open shelf upper(open for dishes) to the right of the sink will enclose it. The sink cabinet is 12" away from the window since I didn't want to hit the window(it's been built out 7" with molding). I inserted a 12" open base shelf in that spot to hold olive oil cans and baskets of onions, garlic, potatoes.

On the pantry wall is a fire escape window, circuit breaker box and steam pipe. I put a shallow 10" wall pantry(it's essentially a bookcase) for mason jars/baskets because I can't continue cabinets to the window. The open upper on this wall will cover the circuit breaker(cut out for access) and the CB box will be painted the same color as the uppers. Next to the circuit box is a floor to ceiling steam pipe which will be boxed in with metal behind it to bring the heat forward. A decorative grate will be inserted into the box. The steam pipe will be insulated below the base cabinets and covered with a filler between the undercounter fridge and base drawer cabinet.

The original kitchen although a good size, only had a small area by the sink/DW of counter space. I had an outlet for the fridge and a wall outlet installed on the pantry wall to enable me to put cabinets there. I figured that because I am using a large (31") SS undermount sink I need to increase the counter, which in turn allows me to have 2 large drawer cabinets.

Now to the fun details :)

Shaker(Homestead door), Inset style.

The uppers including the pantry and fridge panels will be painted soft white, lowers and molding medium Cherry Coffee. All uppers will be finished inside, and the glass(English Flemish), and Cherry molding increased the cost. The final cost made me ...PANIC. Have you ever second guessed yourself...1000x.

On the other hand I have no experience with current costs since I haven't purchased anything in years ! LOL.

The 50% deposit has been paid(GULP!) and I hope to get the final measurements taken and an installation estimate this week. Because of the steam pipe and cutting out back panels for the gas meter/circuit box the installation will be more work than for a straight install. :(

Thank you all for your encouragement, especially shadesofidaho for reading my emails. I have been doing research into cabinet prices so after my initial MELTDOWN I realized that the cost is not excessive to get a finished kitchen within the constraints I had. No gas lines/water lines can be moved. The freestanding range remains between the two windows which I think is the best place. I open both windows when I grill on top with a cast iron pan or use a wok.(I'm keeping my old Magic Chef for as long as he cares to stay!)

Any kind words of encouragement would be....GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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I like it! Is that a mini fridge in the pantry wall? I think you are going to love that shallow cabinet. I wish I had something like that for my canning jars.

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Love it. Looks so well put together. Very serviceable with out sacrificing beauty.I do think the light uppers will lighten the whole space. Darker base will ground the cabinets. I think you have come up with some perfect solutions. Sure do wish I was closer I still loved the curved cabinets.

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Thanks marti & shades, I feel better already.
Yes marti that is a KitchenAid Architect Series II KURG24RWBS undercounter fridge with a glass door(pricey BUT it has a lot of space and was less expensive than subzero) As I found out from the appliance forum you must buy a true under counter slide in that is designed to be placed between cabinets. It is not a beverage fridge but a food/beverage fridge. I thought about a wine fridge but they seem to be a waste. Since I don't have the luxury of a basement/garage for a second fridge this is a perfect solution. It did take me awhile to digest the price...I just filled it up with extra apples, oranges, dried fruit, vegetables, herring and miso...I love it.
A few baskets will probably increase the room for the fruit/veg since the space above the 1st layer will be utilized.
My DH says "just burn the receipt" whenever we purchase something for this kitchen(out of sight out of mind) :P

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Hey, I like your dh's attitude!

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LOL I like DH attitude too. I WILL remember that one.

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I like the plan! It's going to be beautiful, with your darker wood cabinets on the bottom and white on top. Very nice :)

The second fridge is a great idea, too. I should look into something like that for my island!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I like the plans for working around the 'quirks.' Also love the stove between the windows. Good luck!

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I like the plans also for working around the "quirks" and I think the kitchen is going to look wonderful with the two finishes! I love Shiloh Inset Cabinets especially in the Homestead/inset style door. What hardware will you have? I am so excited for you since I had been obsessing all year about changing my kitchen but then I had some deadlines and classes that I had to take care of and then my little dog (Skeeter) passed away and I could not stop grieving and nothing else mattered. But after my busy season, I want to look at cabinets again as I still have my tile for the floor that I have not installed in case I do change out the cabinets. I love my tiles that will replace my Linoleum floor. The kitchen is open to the family room that has Brazilian Cherry floors that I installed in September 2009.

By the way, I like your DH's attitude. He must really love you and just wants to see you happy.

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Thanks Lavender and Mama, I made a decision as soon as I saw the cabinets but I got "sticker shock" when I saw how everything adds up.

Hi Lynn
Thanks-I've read your posts and hope you find a good dealer & installer. There's only one dealer in my area but you have a few so get your layout done and get a few quotes when you are ready.
Hardware is the brushed nickel knobs the dealer gives you and I'm purchasing brushed nickel cup pulls ("Top Knob" is the company) from the dealer. I refuse to obsess about hardware ! I might buy a few cabinet latches to put on the glass cabinets/sink. I have 5 weeks to make that decision. :)

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EATREALFOOD, you are handling it all like a champ. With a redo and not new construction, you never know what problems you'll encounter, and therein is a hidden cost factor. I'm all for the "burn the receipts" approach. I'll try that next time DH asks me how much something cost....don't remember, I BURNED THE RECEIPTS!! He'd have a heart attack I betcha. :)

Keeping your kitchen appliances like the range in the same spot saves a lot of expense, and who knows what amount of problems moving gas lines and such.

Your successful planning is very encouraging to me, and heaven knows I've been dreading it. (What if somebody says I cannot have what I've always wanted?)

It will be great to see your progress.

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Eatrealfood, I like brushed nickel and feel they will look great with your cabinets!

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You are all so nice THANKYOU.
Mocasssin: Just because I wanted to use the entire room need I have to deal with these constraints ? YES, that's always the way ! LOL, Oh to have a cosy house like Lavender Lass( I love her ideas ), something to dream about ! While I am figuring out the last room in a 500 total sq/ft apt. my DH is looking at a house on the internet in Ireland to buy (not that we can afford it but only if we sell this apt. )
We are a mess, I agree :) neither here nor there !
All I can honestly say is: Can I have my running water(SINK) back ? 5 weeks approx. till install , install estimate to come ! another shock I am sure.

Here is a link that might be useful: glenbeigh cottage

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WOW What a Gorgeous cottage. AND you will not have to re-do the kitchen . It is as cute as can be. I love the little sitting space with rocker and the window in the ceiling. How fun to lay in bed and listen to and watch the rain and cuddle up in the sunshine. Cats would love that room. Everything about that cottage is fantastic!! I hope you can get it or some thing close.

Curious if the housing is in the same slump we are here?

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Aside from the color This house has some really cute fireplaces. the back deck and stairs need railings for me but there is so much potential in this place. No idea how to convert the money.I might be way out of line and maybe in the wrong area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cute house

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'(What if somebody says I cannot have what I've always wanted?)

who would DARE do that? not your dh I'm sure!

both of those cottages are lovely! the land around that first one is just awesome - what a view to see every day!

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"What if somebody says I cannot have what I've always wanted?" I was wondering exactly the same thing. Who would dare moccasin ??!

Well I can tell you what happens when you don't stand back and think and stick with what you want. This happened to me because of exhaustion/frustration/too many carbohydrates...We originally bought cabinets at a Salvage shop...They are new look like display cabs.
1)they don't cover everything(pipe/meter/circuit box)
2)I now hate them.
I agreed to them b/c of the insides. I had never had drawers or pullouts before(only builder grade cabs w/shelves) or a pull out cutting board-these have it all including two tall frosted glass towers. I was enthralled b/c of something as simple a drawers ! Why haven't I had this in the kitchen before? Why isn't this standard in all kitchens for new home builds not just semi custom or non-stock higher end ?
3)They will be sold on craigslist.
Before I started this apt. reno. I didn't even realize how many bottom freezer fridges there were. I guess b/c everyone in my family bought the typical freezer on top $400 model. I know I need to get out more !
After looking at Armstrong/Kemper/Hanssem I picked Shiloh immediately, did not question the style/construction not once. I had to take 3 trains and a cab to get to the dealer...once I decide that's it. I hope it looks good once it's up. If everything weren't so expensive it would be easier to make decisions wouldn't it ?

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Wow Eatrealfood, that cottage is fantastic! Can I come visit? That stove!!!! Drool.

(What if somebody says I cannot have what I've always wanted?)

I was agonizing over that yesterday. Dh tweaked the size of the refrigerator cabinet so it wasn't as deep as I originally planned (and a good thing too as it already seems massive), and there wasn't room for the phone center facing the same direction as the fridge. So I began looking at it again. I could do without the coat rack and just put a shallow closet in, but then the shoes wouldn't fit either. But I want it all!!! So I decided to go with a much simpler bench and a separate shallow cabinet overhead.

I couldn't do the big cuts alone so dh took over and is building most of it, so I'm not sure what the final result will really be. But it is so disappointing when you have been dreaming of what you want and then can't have it.

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Marti, it is hard to have your plans change in ways that make you lose some of your design features. Sorry the shoes won't fit. I hope you are able to do something else that makes you feel like you are getting something that will be helpful and fun.

Eatrealfood, you have put a lot of thought into your kitchen in order to work around the challenges. It looks like it will be beautiful. Are you saying that you have to sell your apartment to buy the cottage? Were you planning to move to Ireland, or is DH just doing some internet dreaming?

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My DH & I Have been pondering what to do for many years...go back & forth, or sell & move. We can't make a decision but we did avoid making a BIG BAD decision a number of years ago. We are happy we are so slow we avoided overpaying for houses that are worth MUCH less. So indecision can be a good thing too !
Just the other day we looked at a larger apt. nearby where we live 900ft. and many windows, it needed 100K to fix it up. Too much work.

Shades: things are very down there. That's why we haven't jumped on anything yet. To convert the money add about 30% so if something lists as 200euros it's $260. The estate agents are not realistic, no one is going to pay those list prices now.

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You sound like us! We have been going back and forth for years whether to stay or sell. Just about the time we decided to sell, the bottom dropped out of the market. We really wish we had never made the original changes in this house that then required this dining room addition.

We've been looking for a duplex that we can live in one side and have income from the other. But we haven't been able to find anything like that around here yet.

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It's so exciting to start a new project. Even more so when it's all new like yours.

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Hi Marti
We paid the deposit and measurements finalized last week. I am waiting for install estimate.:( Cabinets due in 5 to post the other cabs on craigslist & get them out of here !

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That's fast! Yes, get those others out of there and make some room for the new ones!

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EatRealFood, I hope you won't be put off by this, but I've wanted to move to Ireland for some time now. Can you keep in touch?

DH is "first generation" which means he has dual citizenship, US and Ireland, because both his parents were born there. I wanted to buy the old family cottage, over two hundred years old, in Fahanlunaghta near Miltown Malbay and LaHinch.
The last brother farming the land died, and the farm and house were sold quickly. I am so sad about that.

However, I will continue to dream of moving to Ireland. My concern would be possibly losing my two parrots, if they are not acceptable to them because of avian diseases.

You'll have to stay in touch, you know. Love the cottage.
Love the weather! Love the green and the gardening.

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I deleted the layout by mistake !

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ML, do you think Eatrealfood will leave the country if you move there or something? ROFLOL!

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may I suggest you get off the floor & get back to staining. and remember to end work @4pm(you have 4 minutes) like my non GC handyman always did.

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Yeah, Marti, get up offa that thing!! :) Work stopped already.
Dh's turn to cook tonight, and when he is in the kitchen, my African grey always does the smoke alarm sound. It means dinner is almost done (to a crisp).

Who knows, we might just find out that Eatrealfoods and my DH or her DH are related. Ireland is a bit magical that way.

Oh. An Irish joke....
You know what Irish altzheimers is?
You forget everything except the grudges.
(I guess you have to be Irish to appreciate that one.)

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LOL, I did take off early today. I've got all the tools out of the kitchen and moved the staining and finishing station to the garage. Now I have a counter to work on, besides the two little areas next to the stove. Got the crock pot out and will have a one dish dinner tomorrow.

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Woo Hoo Marti Way to go. I hope it helps you both to feel better.

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"when he is in the kitchen, my African grey always does the smoke alarm sound. It means dinner is almost done (to a crisp). "

lol! great way to save on batteries...

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EatRealFood Love your kitchen layout & plans. Know you're excited. Looks to be beautiful.

We spent a week in County Cork (Around Bunratty) last year & I fell in love with Ireland. Friendliest & greenest place I've ever been. Love the cottage. We found the real estate market to be hugely depressed there & there are many bargins! Not so many cottages. Lots of new construction. There seemed to be for sale signs everywhere and the locals said prices were way down.

Marti - Sorry about you having to tweak some of your kitchen plans. It is frustrating when you know exactly what you want in your head & they tell you it won't work. Have been going through that for 2 months with our bathroom remodel but I'm finally seeing daylight at the end of a very long tunnel!! Hang in there.

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