HELP! Is virginia mist/jet mist the same a "black strype"?

SLTKotaMay 7, 2013

I talked to my granite installer about getting Virginia mist/jet mist (I've been told it is the same thing). The slabs came in saying "Black Strype". I can't find much on this "Black Strype" but it looks pretty close in pictures. Though I've only seen pictures of Virginia mist. So far the only thing I can find out about "black Strype" is that it is from Brazil... doesn't seem like it would be the same thing as the "VIRGINIA mist"

Is there any difference? Should I turn it away since someone else called it by a different name or is it called a different name because it isn't the same?

I know some show fingerprints easily when they are textured and I choose Virginia mist because it does not, I don't want to pay to get my slabs textured if they are going to act/look different than virginia mist in a textured finish.

Sorry for the rumbling but I am about to pull my hair out as I found out that my slabs came from a quarry on a different continent that I was expecting.

Thanks in advance,

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Here is a picture of the mystery slab when it was polished.

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Hmm... Granite fabricator is now saying that "Black Strype" and Jet/virginia mist all come from Brazil and are the same stone just through a different distributor.

I thought that Virginia mist came out of Virginia here in the US. I believe it was originally mined near Culpeper, Virgina.

Is this not the case?

Sorry for all the post, I just want to figure out if it is the same type of granite for when I go discuss other issues with the fabricator.

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It looks a lot like the slab of polished jet mist I saw at a yard near me in PA.

I'll try to post a picture I took of it soon.

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Virginia Mist and Jet Mist come from the east coast of the United States, like American Black from Pennsylvania. I don't know anything about Black Strype. This site might be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: site on U.S. quarries for granite

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