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organic_flutterbyDecember 7, 2010

Can anyone please tell me a good machine to buy to do machine embroidery? Are they all computerized where you push a button and the machine does the job or how does that work?

I want one for home use but also to make things to sell at craft shows once in a while. I have never used one before so I need a user friendly version.

I can probably spend about $600 or so.

Thank you very much.

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I think no one has answered your post because the home embroidery machine market is so huge! There are so many brands, and every brand has many models, from embroidery only to extremely sophisticated combination machines costing many thousands of dollars.

The best way to decide what you want & need is to go to various sewing machine dealers and try them out.

The best advice I could give you is to buy a machine from a shop that will give you great support and provide lessons. And that's the voice of experience talking.


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I agree with msmeow. I have two machines and thought that I could make money the same way BUT it is a difficult market to break into. I have Vikings and love them. I use them to do items more for family; I had a lady tell me she was opening a varity store and gave me some items to embroid for her. She promised to pay me when she brought over the next items, but she never picked up the next order nor paid me for the ones she took. I did give the items she did not pick up to the band and they sold to help pay for the trip to Florida they were taking. It helped finance some members who could not afford the trip. Good luck.

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