It's Tuesday! Let's have some tea :)

lavender_lassApril 24, 2012

Hi everyone! I wasn't sure I'd be up for tea today, since I've had a very sick kitty, the last few weeks. He's much better and after a brief scare that he might be diabetic (he's only 5) we think he's going to be fine :)

So...I thought it would be nice to get together and have a lovely cup of tea with some of my favorite people! Of course, if you're not a tea drinker, please bring your favorite beverage and stop by to chat. What's new in your life? How is your home/garden/other project progressing? Is life wonderful (I hope so) or not, right now?

For us, since kitty is much better (his name is Sam) we're just celebrating a bit and happy all the other 'kids' (kitties and horses) are all doing well. We've had lovely weather the last few days (up in the 70s) but expect it to drop back down to the 50s in the next day or so...but at least, no snow! I also found some very pretty stock, at the store last night. Not my picture, but this is what it looks like.

From [Lavender's Garden](

Also, my brave little Bleu Magenta rose (the one involved in the truck accident) is doing very well and has little leaves coming out, all over. I'll post a picture, when it blooms! So, I'll be gardening most of the week...what are your plans?

For now, I'm enjoying a wonderful cup of Earl Grey and a few of those blueberry Newton fruit thins. They're actually very good, with Jasmine tea, too. Maybe I'll make some muffins sound really good.

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday and enjoy your tea :)

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I'm so glad your kitty is getting better. We just had a discussion about diabetes in cats on another forum I frequent, and someone said their vet told them not to ever feed their cat dry cat food because the carbs turn to sugar and cause diabetes. I did a search and found a lot of info on it. Enough that I think I'm going to switch my cat to can as his primary food and dry as a treat instead of the other way around.

What is the name of the flower you posted? Stock? Sorry, I'm a deunce this morning.

I've had my tea today but will join you with some Pepsi. I need to switch to water and get to work, but I'm trying to get some paperwork done. Have you ever known you did something and can't find the receipt for it to prove it? I HATE that, and I've spent the whole morning searching for that receipt.

Dh & I are both bruised and battered and I need the break, right? lol

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Yes, time for a break. Mowed the lawn... then 'chatted' with Haley. She is a neighbor's cat and has adopted my garden. Haley spends part of each day visiting; napping, cleaning, and sharing the birdbath with my feathered friends. She merely drinks. I worry a bit for my birds, but it's Nature's way... the hunter and hunted. Plus, since kitty has been hanging out, I no longer find evidence of field mice... and NO chipmunks this year(so far)!!!

A couple weeks ago, I woke to 'soft mewing' at 2am. The window was open and I thought a kitty was passing through. One hour later, and I kept hearing it... along with soft noises. I went to the basement and found Haley there... pawing at the window. I picked her up and let her out the rear garage door. Now, I try to keep doors shut. I like having her around and she is most welcome... OUTSIDE.

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Good morning to all. Haven't had my tea yet but about to stop for a mid morning break.

I have no kittens, but my 3 year old will be coming this afternoon. So much fun. Will have to hurry home & find something good to cook.

We are about 98% complete with the bathroom remodel. YEA!!! It has been an exhausting & nerve wracking 2 months but I can finally see the end in sight. Now onward to getting flower beds planted. Have bought the plants but its COLD here. Hoping for better weather tomorrow.

Beautiful flower Lavender - one I'm not familiar with.

Marti - I feel for you! Know that bruised & battered feeling well.

Off for some blueberry tea with lemon. Have a great day!

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98% complete is a very good thing! But that's also when we begin to poop out and get lazy about finishing all the little details.

I need to be getting the kitchen wall ready to take out. Tonight we finish facia and soffits and board up the window and door openings so we can tear out the wall. Six days until our windows and door arrives.

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I just finished a pot of Yorkshire Tea while reading a favorite little magazine printed by a local Amish farmer. Lots of good advice and humor amid articles related to farming and family. Since I'm trying to cut back on sweets, no muffins or cookies today. :( Finished up the mowing around 1:30pm., it's so breezy and that wind is cold despite the sunshine.

I buy Stock most every year and tuck it here and there into borders for a bit of color and fragrance. It blooms long into Fall for me so there's still a bit of color then. My cat is doing better too. So far the seizures have stopped, that I know of, as he spends lots of time outside. The blood pressure pills must be helping, his appetite is good, drinks plenty of water and his fur looks much better than it had. At 14, he's doing as well as can be expected.

Think I'll have Campbell's Tomato Soup for supper. Just looked so good on the store shelf that I had to have some.

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Do you know the latin name for it schoolhouse? "stock" or even "stock plant" is such a hard term to search.

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No, I didn't know the Latin name for it so I just typed "Stock flower" into Google and it gave the scientific name for Stock: Matthiola incana It's a very common annual here.

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Here it is bedtime and I am just now checking the forum. So sorry to miss your companionship today. I think I caught a cold yesterday, have a feeling of pressure in my chest, and a bad headache.

However, I ordered the hosta 'Teatime' and it will always remind me of the folks on this forum. I'm big into names.
Thanks, Lav, for taking up the gauntlet for the tea today.
I'm just not myself, but have no idea WHOELSE I might be. :)

See you tomorrow. Gotta go to bed.

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OH Darn ML I hope you do not come down with what Joe and I have had for almost two weeks. Finally getting better.

I am late to the party today too. Husbands Birthday. We went to town and lunch and then we had company when we got home. And then I made him a peach pie for his birthday. Busy day.

Beautiful flowers LL. Stock does grow here but right now I do not have any. As I understand it it is not supposed to be over head watered and I am too lazy to have to hand water some thing right now.

I did get some yard work done this last weekend. Slowly. My hands are better feet are a mess. I just wish this psoriasis would go away.

Drinking Iced coffee this evening. Time to go try to ride my stationary bike.

Have a good evening ladies.


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Oh duh, it does help to spell it right when doing a search. I typed in stocked. Wondered why all I got was ads for what plants were in stock.

ML, I hope you feel better soon. My mil is battling a cold right now. All this cold, hot, cold weather I guess.

Happy birthday Mr. Shades!

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'have a feeling of pressure in my chest'

ML, you watch that very carefully - it could be or go into pneumonia. I've had it several times and it ain't pretty!

imaginary tea is all i've had for a very long time. I do miss tea and hope to start back up with it when I get into new place (gotta be soon -it's getting too hot here). My sister even bought me a tea pot a few yrs back. I have no idea where I put it and am hoping to find it while going thru things in here.

puppy and i have spent the last 3 mid day time periods in the new place with the a/c there. haven't wanted to turn it on in here. She has lots of room to play in there and has worn me to a frazzle! It's constant 'throw the toy for me'. She'll climb up on me on the bed and get right in my face if i don't pay attention. The stinker.

I've managed to do a few minor things while there tho - plus watch Rawhide. There are snails moving faster than I am.

oh, my car battery died last wk so I was stuck here for almost 2 days. bummer - I just hate that. Even if I wasn't going to go anywhere. It's the 'I can't' that I hate.

I've got a long list of things I need to get from Lowe's maybe later this wk. It's supposed to cool down on Thursday so then I'll go do laundry and on Friday make my trip to Lowe's.

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How hot has it gotten there? I heard parts of west Texas are supposed to hit 100 today. We're supposed to be in low 90's. Ugh.

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nat'l news said it was to be 101 the other day. Local areas (online) said 97 tho. today was to be in the high 90's but it looks like we're in for a storm and online shows it at 87. temps were to go down starting tomorrow into the 80's so I planned that day for laundry and Friday to go to Lowe's for 'supplies' (ha!). I don't have a/c in my car so I plan around the heat. The laundromat is in another town - about a 30 min drive 1 way. Lowe's is in another direction and about 20-25 minutes.

I'm out a bit from a city and it is usually 5 degrees or so cooler here. We don't have all of the concrete the cities do - that holds the heat. It's still cool at night tho - come late June/July/Aug when it stays in the 100's thru the night the daytime 105+ are scorchers. 97 will be a cool day then.

It seems hot to us now because we've not had time yet to adjust over to it. A wk ago I was wearing long sleeves and long pants - and still chilly! lol!

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I thought it always cooled at night there. I know it's miserable when the heat stays up at night. In summer, our humidity goes up in the evening and nights can be stifling.

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no, not in the summer. After it's been over 100 for a number of wks it starts staying hot at night too. The dirt, roads etc never get a chance to cool down.

back in about '90 my nephew came out to visit and I remember we went in swimming at about 1 a.m. - it was 101 out. It was a dry heat tho and once you get out of the water it's chilly. I knew that and had my heavy chenille robe over a lawn chair close by - lol!

when the monsoons start tho the humidity goes up. I don't play well with humidity! actually, the older I get the less 'well' I play with even the dry heat!

there's usually no relief then until mid - to late Oct.

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I know, the older I get, the harder it is for me to deal with the heat. I'm sitting here right now going through wave after wave of hot flashes. Always worse in summer.

LL, how is your kitty doing?

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Hi, everyone! So glad we had so many people stop by for tea.

Kitty is fine! He's so happy to be back from the vet, the first day he just slept on the loveseat next to me, with my arm in his front paws. He's my baby, even though he's bigger than the other kitties :)

We're getting rain today, which is great. It should be much easier to weed this weekend. The 70 degree weather (almost 80 on Sunday) was great, but I'm glad it's back down to the 50s, at least for now. Everything is so pretty and daffoldils are blooming all over the place!

I know we have the long, cold winters...but I don't like hot weather (especially when it's humid) so I guess it's all a trade off. I do wish we could grow all the climbing roses and vines you see in warmer climates, but I don't envy you those hot summers. I hope you get some cooler breezes coming your way, in the very near future!

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