Tiny House of a different type cute

Shades_of_idahoApril 27, 2010

Hit and run post. Lots to do today. Friend sent me these pictures of a small house. So cute.Enjoy.


Here is a link that might be useful: Small house

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That's adorable!

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OMG, I was getting the feel of ROUND at the first shot. Wondered what would be the big reveal! A TANK!
I think that is great!

It reminds me of a couple of metal buildings that a designer made for a summer house, big warehouse type doors that rolled aside, the steel steps leading up from the walkout main floor to the bedroom on the upper portion at one end, and then another bedroom at the other end with steel steps leading up too. Just like the steps in an industrial complex. And they had morning glories climbing the handrails. I throw that in because I know Shades is gonna LOVE THOSE MORNING GLORIES.

We visited the Shelburne Museum up in Vermont and that was part of the exhibits on the big garden grounds. I loved that place. I'll check to see if I can find the picture I took of the building and add it to this thread. Unexpected uses for ordinary materials.

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OH ML that is a cool little house. Not really all that little.

The tank is a grain storage tank. They have them all over the place here. There are a couple right out back of our house on the ranch next door. The neighbor uses them as her storage buildings and she has them full of cool old house parts and things. Would love to go exploring them.

I think the one with the house in it is a taller version,. They come in many sizes.

Here is a link that might be useful: The day we closed on our property.

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I got that in an email too! Really a nice looking house inside. The one ML posted looks really spacious.

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Shades, that series of photos about the building of your foundation, then the two halves coming down the road, and then the placement on site....with the construction of the shop....most impressive.

Sort of reminds me of the question kids always ask their parents, "Mama, where do little houses come from?" ...and then you'd have to show this to them....:)

You've brought this house a long way in such a short time. You should be proud.

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ML we had a tight time frame. We talked to the people buying our last house with arrangements for us to rent back until we could get this house set up.We figured three months and they were fine with that.

THEN we found out the FHA home loan states they had to take possession of the house they were buying within 60 days of closing.

As goofy as the market was and loans and all we did not dare break ground until we were closed and money in hand. So what you see all took place within 60 days. We were in this new house 2 days early. I was totally exhausted. Joe took care of the ground work and lining up the process permits and inspections. I took care of getting the house ordered with stretches and placement of doors and windows and the special things I needed. All the packing up of other house and cleaning. We worked well together. We both loaded and unloaded. Did the whole move by ourselves. I also brought 3- 8 X 16 foot trailer loads , and truck, of plants for the yard and about 6 loads of compost the new owner did not want left behind at the last house???

I have been plucking away at the yard. So like you I really want to be done and enjoy the yard and house. My 60 year old body does not cooperate with me some times. GGGGRRRRRR It is not like I am so old it is just not as easy to get things done as it used to be.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Those houses are so cute, especially the grain tank. We live in farm country, and that would be perfect for a guest-house.

I've always wanted a 'gypsy caravan' wagon (redundant?) to put at the edge of the pond. Can you imagine going to sleep with the peepers right outside the window? Our bedroom window faces the pond, and I leave it open so I can be 'lulled to sleep'.

Chris, I checked your pics, too. You must have breathed a big sigh of relief when everything was leveled and joined.

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Hahahah Mama_goose. Most people do not understand the joy of sleeping with the peepers. Shall we keep it to ourselves. Always love the peepers.

Yes I was relieved to have the house landed and down. Hooked together. And then all the repair they had to do. Sigh. All is in pretty good shape now. Except the finish of the kitchen.


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Love all the ideas. :o)

Chris, thank you for sharing your house info! That was so neat to see how it progressed. I've always thought that buying something like that would be so satisfying. It would be almost magical how fast it came together. :o)

mama_goose, I think the idea of a 'gypsy caravan' as a guest house sounds wonderful! Have you ever thought of getting an old(er) RV trailer and fixing it up? They can be modified extensively if you have the inclination, and it would be quicker than building I think. I've seen some really cute ones. Sleeping with the peepers is one of my favourite childhood memories. One of my friends had a pond on her property and I used to love to 'sleep over' and listen to them at night, and the red-winged blackbirds in the morning.


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Ahhh, I have a tiny tiny pond in my back yard, which had some young koi in it. I'm afraid the resin from the stump grinding killed them. But this spring we've been blessed to hear the sounds of the tiny tree frogs, a real chorus! I think they are happy to have the pond to themselves.

Also, my clump of iris in a pot at the shallow end of the pond bloomed deep purply black today. I am totally delighted.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

prairie_girl, my husband would love to have and old Airstream. Actually my son's VW van is in our driveway, for the time being. It would make a great hippie/gypsy wagon! My husband keeps threatening to put flower deals all over it.

Even with all the rain we had last night the peepers were still going strong, but I'm afraid the redwings have lost their nests.

ML, we used to have a birdhouse on a tree in the front yard. One year a tree frog/peeper moved in and serenaded us while we sat on the porch.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Oh, haha, look what I found on craigslist tonight!

Here is a link that might be useful: Airstream, Chillicothe, Oh craigslist

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Looks like a steal, mama_goose! Think how cute it would be with a small 50's yellow table, red checked curtains in the window etc! Wow, I just googled - there are whole forums out there devoted to vintage RV restoration and travel. Here's a webring

There are a lot of great pics on flickr

LoL - i just spent a half hour on flickr - wow there are some neat pics there!! Some are soooo cute!


Here is a link that might be useful: another cute trailer

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Thanks prairie, for the links to cute pictures--I especially like the cottage style of vintage laundress. My 'guest cottage' ideas are pie-in-the-sky, but I think it would be funny to use my old iron wagon wheels in place of the trailer wheels. And hang an old double-tree above the trailer hitch. OH, the tacky possibilities are endless...

BTW, showing my ignorance, but I didn't know you could search on flickr. I did a search on vintage kitchens, and WOW--26,000+ images. You all may not hear from me for a while!

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We have a garden pond right outside our window, and a pond of about an acre another 50' away. I love to listen to the frogs at night, even the big old bull frog who has taken up residence right under our BR window, but the other night, the Cuban Tree Frogs were truly deafening! They look like peepers, but get up to about 3" long, and can really make a racket.

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OH Dang those AirStreams are so neat. My neighbor has one for sale but I think it is newer. We considered having one at our last house for my studio. Then I had a nice 10' by 16' shed built with window and glass window in door. Was a great space I NEVER used it to create in. I wanted to be IN the house. Always seemed too hot or too cold. But for company it would have made a wonderful guest house and I think the people that bought the place from us were going to finish it off for that. I did insulate it.

I am so glad my DH let me enlarge my studio room at this house to work for me. It is not huge but it is 10 by 13. Big enough and since it is meant to be a work room it is fine with me to have it wall to wall furniture shelves and work tables. I also had the vinyl floor in that room. Too dangerous to have carpet with all the glass shards in there.

Still the Airstreams are a fun space. Will have to ask neighbor if she shoveled the roof off of snow. Would be a consideration here when we can have 3 to 4 to 5 foot in a winter.


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Oooooh I found the cutest little trailer ...

wee trailer

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HA HA!!!
They have one of those in the folk park near Shannon Ireland.
I know the British are very fond of them. There was a book written which featured one in the title:
PARNASSUS ON WHEELS. Parnassus was the mountain in Greece where the Gods lived and READ BOOKS. Or whatever they had in those ancient days. :) I read it long long ago when I was an aspiring writer. I give the link below where it may be downloaded for free in the US, check copyright laws for other countries. Author is Christopher Morley.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parnassus On Wheels/Project Gutenberg

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

WOO-HOO, prairie, that's almost exactly what I want. Doesn't it remind you of the peddlar's wagon in 'The Wizard of Oz'? This one looks very modern and road-worthy--with hydraulics (?) under the chuck-box. Love the bay window!

ML, I have Irish ancestry--maybe they were gypsies. :)

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