Sewing Machines cubicle: ideas/experience?

blueberrier1December 20, 2010

'My Space' in the walk-out lower level is 16'x40+' with two south facing windows. My usable space is 11' deep to allow for a five foot aisle to other rooms. It has to accomodate a sofa bed (my reading and hand stitching area), tables, chairs, storage trunks, two 4' long commercial machines, several other std cabineted machines, treadle machine, two typing tables with sergers, four file cabinets, book shelves, air compressor amd two upholstery horses. Fabric is stored in adjacent-no windows-storage room. Someday dropped ceiling will result in 8' ht.

Do not want any solid partitions to the ceiling, so was thinking of an 8-9'w x 8-9'l x 5-6'h office cubicle (U shaped) type separation, to confine the machines. Prices for used office cubicles are out of budget, and was thinking that upholstered plywood panels may work. The cubicle's open end would be to one of the 5' wide windows. The plywood surface could be used for quilt trials.

Have 1" gridded paper with all the 'hope to fit' items in colored paper, but recalled the many ideas I've enjoyed and used from this forum. In many ways, the smaller spaces I sewn in for decades were much easier to arrange!

Has anyone done, seen, or imagined anything similar to this challenge? Thanks!

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I just have some questions for you.

What are you making? Why do the machines need to be in cubicles? Will you be sewing with your back to the windows?

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debs3, The two commercial machines will be perpendicular to one of the windows. These are mainly for the upholstery, tote bag and 'heavy stuff' sewing. I want to separate/isolate this factory from the grands as well as contain the bits and pieces.

I am able to drop light fixtures over this planned cubicle space, so would not be dependent on outside light for sewing.

A man told me that office cubicle panels are very heavy and that places that close shop often pay to have them hauled away. Have not found anyone doing this in central KY. A brother suggested that I use three 4'x8' plywood panels with corner brackets and 1"x2" edging, assemble a "U" shape to meet my needs. WIll talk this over with a cabinet making friend.

Thanks for your comments.

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The plywood panels sure sound like a good idea if they don't wobble.

What are the "grands"?

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