Small garden area too

marti8aApril 26, 2012

While searching for courtyard ideas, I came across this website for vertical gardening in small areas and thought the people here might like to see it.

Vertical gardening

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oh marti - that looks like a wonderful site. tons to look at and read!

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Very pretty, but I had pots that hung like that and they had to be watered twice a day. They dried out so quickly. I'd think twice about spending money on that arrangement. I do love the vines on the trellises.

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I would have a hard time keeping them watered here too but it is such a cute idea for a small space. I did have one hanging basket last year by the back door and it was kind of fun to welcome the morning and give it a drink. I might be too lazy to do more then one.

Those vines are right up my alley though Love them. Fun site Marti. Thanks

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I like all the arbors and arches! And, you live in a warm enough area to grow all kinds of wonderful climbing roses and other vines.

If we lived in that type of climate, my husband would probably come home to find the house covered with flowers and vines...and holes cut out for the windows and doors :)

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Nice, Marti. Always room for an inspirational gardening site. I'm into gardening. Just about to launch some vertical planting here. If you want something to fill in quick, get a scarlet runner bean. Then stand back!

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Scarlet Runner Bean. OH Yah Going to have to try that one.

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Great link, Marti! Thanks for the info on the hangingpots, dedtired. I was going to ask about just that, since I'm bad about watering. It also seems like the wind could be a problem.

Oh how I wish I could cover our fence with vines! My parents have a "volunteer" vine on part of their fence in the summer. I wonder how long it would take to get going. I love that herb spiral idea, too.

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