Fix Viking Sewing Machine 6570

azmomDecember 30, 2013

I posted the same question in the Home Decorating & Design Forum. I hope I could also get inputs from this forum. Thank you in advance for all the suggestions.

Could anyone please help me to find a person to fix my Viking Sewing Machine 6570 made by Viking Husqvarna?

The machine was a gift from my mother. I remember it cost her more than $900.00 in '81. In retrospect, I really did not deserve such a good machine giving my low sewing skills. I was a stay at home mother when kids were young; I sewed tons of clothes and home decorating items.

I then went back to work; in the early years I still used it to sew some of my work clothes and for home. Then got too busy to sew and noticed the machine quit working. It has been kept in closet for the last 15 years.

Where can I find a person who could fix this machine? I am in Phoenix AZ. This is such a good machine and has so many wonderful memories tie to it, I want to use it again.

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I would use the internet to search for: Viking Sewing Machine Dealer near Phoenix AZ. - then I would call or e-mail them and ask if they have a person in-house that does repairs/maintenance.

I am near Houston TX and my Viking dealer has a person on staff to do repairs/maintenance.

Bottom line - you can purchase a new and great Viking that does multiple things for around $800.00

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Thank you so much for the response.

Based on the suggestions from Home Decorating forum I learned that Jo-Anne fabric is the Husqvarna dealer now.

I will stop by at Jo-Anne today. You brought up a good point that when paying for repair I need to keep the cost of a new machine in perspective.

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Send me an IM through Garden Web, making sure to include your e-mail address. I just fixed my 1980s viking and I'm in Phoenix. :-)

I scored the ENTIRE SERVICE MANUAL off the net.

Just don't try to use it until it's been cleaned and lubricated. Things WILL break!

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I doubt JoAnne's has a repair person on staff but perhaps they will have a recommendation (my dealer has machines and sales folks at JoAnne's but he also has a stand alone store where the repair person works)

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My mom is in the Phoenix area. I'll ask her who she uses.


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Mom was quick to respond. She uses 35th Avenue Sew. You'd have to call them and see if they fix Vikings. If you're not looking for warranty service, that could mean more ability to find a good repairman.


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I went to the Jo-Anne store at Desert Ridge Market place on Tatum. They have a Viking station there run by Husqvarna.

I was told that the sewing machine will be sent to their service center in Glendale, the person who run the service center was trained in Sweden Husgvarna and other technicians are all trained by Husgvarna.

The service fee is $79.95. It would take several weeks depending on the work load. I asked them to get an authorization from me before any work that would cost more than $79.95 for both labor and material.

You ladies are great; I especially appreciate Donna and Lazygardens for the advice. Donna, please send my thanks to your mother for her help.

Lazygardens, I would come to you first if I read your post before I went to Jo-Anne. I hope they would fix the machine at reasonable cost; otherwise I may still need to get your help. I will follow up when I hear back from the Viking repair center. I just sent you an IM, I read many of your posts over the years, it would be a great pleasure getting to know you.

On a side note, I felt I was in a REVERSE "Back to Future" movie when in Jo-Anne, I was very suprised by the price of material and patterns. A vogue pattern costs $30.00 and some fabric costs $24.95/yard? I still remember I paid $3.00 for an expensive Vogue pattern and $1.00/yard from remnant table.

I also noticed the new machines have tons of features and lots of plastic. Indeed, it is a brand new machine world out thereâ¦.

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I'll pass the word to my mom. She's always helpful to new sew-ers; I wish I could get her onto some of these forums as she is a walking "how to" book for sewing!

I hear ya on the price of fabric and patterns. Get yourself on Joann's mailing list. It will tell you when the patterns come on sale -- Butterick, McCall's and Simplicity for $.99 to $1.99, Vogue for $3.99. KEEP your patterns, as you never know when you'll make that again. Fabric there always goes on sale, or use the 40% and 50% off regular priced fabric coupons that come in the mailer or your email. I refuse to pay $25 for fabric -- with that price, it's cheaper to buy ready-made (just be prepared to repair it).

I know there are those that don't like the store, but Wal-Mart is another source for some types of fabric. I just bought 2 yards of fabric there for half the price of what Joann's wanted for *the same fabric*. It was a Disney print, which means it's more expensive anyway (Disney's gotta get their share, I guess). Wal-Mart only carries two brands of patterns (Vogue is NOT one of them) and they're 50% off regularly. (I still wait for Joann's sales, but I am fortunate enough to have a Joann's close to me.)

I'm glad you found a good repair person. Mom and I were guessing that it probably only needs cleaning up and a maintenance "tune up" to get it running new again. The older machines were made to last. I love my Viking - it's a basic machine, but it has always run well.


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Just to follow up -

I picked up my Viking machine two days ago. The problem was the 'Perm Cam' (the part that adjusts the stitches) had a large crack so it was replaced with a new one. They cleaned, tuned up the machine, now it runs great.

I paid more than I expected to repair the machine, but after checking out the sticker price of these new machines that are made of plastic, I am so glad I have an old Viking.

I want to say "Thank You" to all of you ladies here again. I could not get my machine back to shape without your suggestions and help!

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Glad you were able to get it fixed.I also have a Viking,that I got in1997.It's one of those that does the embroidery as well as regular sewing.Luckily our sewing machine shop(sew pro) has been in business here since the 80's.They have several stores in San Diego county.The only thing I don't like is that their repair service is not on site,they have to send them to their San Diego store.

They are family owned and the repair shop is run by their sons.I love to go in and browse,they have the whole store decorated with antique sewing machines and antique toys,and other things.

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AZMOM ... What company did the repairs, and how much does it cost?

I have a busted cam on my Viking, and have to decide between DIY for $90 (found the part!) or sending it out.

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Hi Lazygardens,

I sent out through Jo-Anne, I was told its service center is in Glendale. The work on mine was pricy, it came with 3-month warranty. Each machine is different, you may want to take yours in to Jo-Anne and 35th Avenue Sew and compare both quotes before making the decisioin.

Best Luck!

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AzMom ... thanks.

I'll buy the part. I'm good at DIY and "pricy" is out of my budget at the moment.

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I hope you can have the machine repaired. It will be a better machine for you as it is probably all metal or just a little plastic. I was at the dealer the other day to just have my Vikings cleaned; they offered me $500 for a 1+ and just $50 for the Designer 1 USB (a newer machine). I was not even looking to buy a new machine. The older machines are usually made a lot better.

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