house plan w/some changes I like-thought?

nathanormaxieApril 8, 2011

I feel like an idiot but I finally figured it out! Would you please look this plan over and give your thoughts.

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It is going to be wood trusses, w/silver metal roof. concrete floor (that is why I've got to firm up at least my plumbing plans). We are leaning toward metal siding but might end up going with Hardy board (if there is not a major price difference). In thinking about needs and wants, I really do need a seprate sink & vanity in the master bath (to keep my sanity from Mr. Messy :). We also need a larger shower-the regular sizes just do not fit our frames. I would love a seprate walk in closet also...same reason as the vanity issue. At first was not going to have the other 2 bedrooms and other bath but was advised for resale value we should.

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Looks good to me. Love the split floor plan. We did not end up with it but have had it and it was really nice. This is going to be a fairly large house.

We built a shop/garage with white metal siding and I really like the looks of it. It has full cement floor. It is over height at 14 foot walls. Done so DH could build me a small loft in one corner. I had option of doing a colored trim and decided against it. We added car port on one side and I painted the exposed wood on that.

This is 30 by 30 with 10 foot carport on the one side and we will also be adding one on the back this summer.LOL I will have a wrap around porch on my shop. Joking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Metal sided shop/garage

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I really like it. It looks very efficient. The only thing I would change is the location of the door to the bedroom wing. It is lined up with the bathroom door, which gives a view right into the bathroom if that is a wraparound bar, or anyone sitting on the far side of the living room. People are generally embarrassed to walk directly into a bathroom in front of other guests. And sound carries, even through a closed door if there isn't something to muffle it.

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Thank you very much for looking at this plan. This is about 1/2 of what we had before we downsized. I have fought my husband tooth and nail about the size. This is going to be our last home and he does not want to get into it and it be too small-whereas I have to find a way to pay for it. If we do the metal building w/a standard slab floor he has been assured that the price for this size will not be much more than if we stuck to the original 30 x 40 foot print. I'm doubtful but how can I argue? So I'm moving forward with a plan for the foot print. I've considered putting a door to the guest area of the house and having a seperate hot water heater & air/heat but thought we might use the bathroom then it would not be comfortable. The master bathroom is very important area for us and the kitchen also.

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Be sure to have the location treated for termites even if you build a metal building. It is a code requirement in many places.

I know it looks like you just plopped the front door onto the living room wall, but if you have any kind of winter weather, it would help with your utilities to have a vestibule such as LavenderLass is planning. It might be stuck onto the house out front, later on, and look really nice, depending on your roof line.

But, I would move the door over to the wall so it is in direct line with the French doors of the dining room. You'd be messing up your choice of furniture location options by putting it in the flatdab middle of the living room.

Lot of space with this plan, just make sure you are not stingy with the windows even though your DH is sensitive to the light. Siting your house on its lot will have a great impact on the quality of light entering your house anyway. And they have blackout options which could deal with his sensitivities quite well....such as blackout shutters, out of wood or metal. Also blackout curtains. Even automatic electrical window rollers that I saw in the movie THE HOLIDAY on Cameron Diaz's house in Hollywood. And if you have not seen that movie, it is worth finding it just for the houses, but also for the story.

It is important to have windows if you are concerned about resale value. If you were not concerned about that, I'd say make yourself a bomb shelter, if that were your preference.....pays your money and takes your choice, and so on. :)

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I like your house! I love the sizes of your bedrooms - they are not tiny, but instead are really spacious. My last house had the smallest BR at 8 x 11, and that is really too small.

I am not so sure I agree with Marti about moving the door so that the bathroom and hall door don't line up. Lining up as they do makes it much easier for a walker or wheelchair user to enter and use the bathroom.

Do you have room to put a vanity stool and knee space under your side of the master vanity? You may find as you age that sitting to do your hair or makeup is easier. Also make sure there is room for at least a walker (and better yet, a wheelchair) in your bathroom. Making some storage out of removable cabinets or using removable walls (like the closet near the tub) would give you that option if you ever need it. At least you could build that smaller closet after you have the floor tiled. Then if you need to remove it for accessibility to the toilet and bathtub, you will have a finished floor underneath. You might even have room for a hoyer lift in that corner if the closet is removed. (Ask me how I know a Hoyer lift in the bathroom helps!)

As a matter of fact, you can look into making the front door wheelchair accessible from Day 1. Have your concrete guys pour a ramp that goes across the front of the house up to a flat platform/ vestibule outside the front door. Make the flat porch large enough to make a vestibule and to open the door with a scooter sitting on the porch, too. You may want to have a porch roof over the whole ramp if you live where there is ice and snow. That way, you can get a wheelchair, scooter, or walker into the home unassisted. You never know when one of you may lose your mobility. You would hate to send one of you to a nursing home just because the house was not accessible!
It just dawned on me that you could build a front porch OVER the ramp, giving you a porch to use now, but the option for removing the front porch and having a ramp there instead. Presto-chango! A transformer home for old folks!

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