Batik and experimental sewing

nicethymeDecember 14, 2012

I love batik making, we do it with a beeswax and paraffin mix in the melting pot

I have some ideas for some cool scenes using multi colors and dipping but I thought I'd try out some simple blue to black things 1st.

then I am trying to learn to use a sewing machine so I did some stitching to play around and get more experience

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Ummm . . . that's like -- major coolness. Wow, I love it.

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I forgot to check here yesterday when you mentioned it. Good Lord, NT. That is the work of a pro, right there. You been holding out on us. You l'il artist, you!!! I learned about batiks when we lived in Sri Lanka - bought tons of them, but never made one for myself. Don't think I have the patience to learn that kind of work at this point. I sooooooo love what you've done. Good grief - this is really very creative and so artistic. Go girl, and go faster - wanna see more.

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