Sink bump outs

kam76May 11, 2013

If you did a sink bump out in your cabinets can I see it? I am considering doing it but just having trouble visualizing the parts that make it look good. Thanks!

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A plethora of examples for you to look through:

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz to the rescue again!

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Thanks Andrea, I have looked through many of those on Houzz. I guess I just wanted to talk to someone who has done it to ask if they used spacers and then the decorative pieces on top or used columns as spacers themselves, how wide those were. Or if it was cabinet part.How much of a bump out was done (3 inches?) How the feet were done if any.

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Kam, we have 1.5" spacers on either side of the bump out, which comes out 2 inches. No columns used. We do have furniture feet on this cabinet. I think I read a thread on this subject recently where someone said a bumpout of less than 3 or 4 inches wasn't worth it. I'm statisfied with the look we have.

Sorry I don't have one good picture but rather two. First shows how the countertop was treated and the second shows the feet (in the background.) This is where our toekick heater is also located. Hope this helps!


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Yes Carole, thank you for that information. It so helpful to know the measurements to achieve certain looks. Your sink is beautiful!

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Our sink bump out became a necessity after the size of the sink was evident. We didn't do anything special with the cabinetry other than pull it forward about 3 inches, however, we did curve the quartz counter as noted in the photo. It worked well for us coordinating well with the other curves we have in our kitchen, including the curves of our center island granite.

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Thanks doonie. Looks like there are lots of different options that are going to look great. Did any of you bump out or add feet to any other cabinets or just highlight the sink one?

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My sink bump out is 2.5" on the countertop

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I totally LOVE my sink bump-out.
Well, I bumped out the left DW, 36" sink, and right DW.
They're bumped out ~3.5".
I just used side panels for the bump-out.
This allowed me plenty of room for the integrated DWs (don't have to worry about DW sticking out, etc), and plenty of room behind my faucet. And I get almost 30" depth of countertop space.

sorry, don't have recent pix yet.
during reno:


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Here is ours...

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