What is your Undercabinet light - NON high voltage?

mirucaMay 24, 2013

I need options for Undercabinet lighting that is not high voltage. We have three upper cabinets - two 30" wide and one 15" wide. This morning the electrician quoted $500 for low voltage lighting. Under these. That seems high for three cabinets.

What do you have that you like and that is less expensive?

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Sophie Wheeler

You could do plain cheap fluorescents. But, LED is cooler, uses less electricity, and will last longer. $500 isn't so bad for all of that if you're using the LED tape and paying someone to do it. It's probably $300+ for the materials alone. Then there's the time to do it. You could always DIY it. All you need in an outlet to plug the transformer into in the right place and the confidence to drill holes into your cabinets.

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Really $500 for UCL for two cabinets isn't bad? I can't imagine doing a whole kitchen!

I think I made a mistake in the title - I think I meant non low voltage- oh well!

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Now I'm confused. were you seeking low voltage systems or direct wire, or something different? Do you have wiring or outlets/junctions boxes in place or do you need to have that done? There are lower cost systems, both DIY and otherwise, that people can recommend.

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having just bought led lights for my kitchen, that is unfortunately, around the right price. but the energy savings will make up for it in the long run..

you can get fluorescent lights for pretty good prices. i have had good luck (lasted 7 years and counting) with the juno low profiles.

if you want leds, I lucked out in finding some led puck lights that i am using under my open shelves. pucks don't give out as even a light as fluorescent bars or led strip lights though. the puck lights i found are made by maxim, about $150 for a kit of 3 lights (recessed version) and $75 for a kit of 3 non-recessed lights. they are very bright and IMO, look pretty nice in the silver finish. if you are putting it under cabinets that will have a light rail, you can use the non-recessed version and save more money. i used the recessed version because i was placing them inside my open shelves.

Here is a link that might be useful: maxim led pucks

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michoumonster - thanks for the confirmation on the cost.

gooster - we are in the midst of a build project - the electrician is installing wiring now. I was seeking something cheaper that was not flourescent.

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GW has a lighting forum.
This is what i did for LED's. Two long cabinet runs for under 300.
I would not use hockey puck anything. The light out-put is often weak and non-adjustable. Shadowy, non-dimable... And cast an odd fan shape on backsplash.

Here is a link that might be useful: lighting forum

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Check out InspiredLED for UC lighting. The have lots of information on their website and the lights can be plugged in with a transformer or hard wired. Very reasonably priced.

Here is a link that might be useful: Inspired LED

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Thanks meyerdvm for the link - that truly is inspiring!

Sleevendog - I have read and posted on the lighting forum as well - this forum usually gets a lot more traffic. I'm going to pass your information on to a friend who is doing a couple of long runs.

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I just found this LED tape UCL at Home Depot very affordably, and totally DIY. There is not one bad review, and the price can't be beat. I haven't installed them fully yet, but for around $120 with those reviews, I'm sure it will be fine. I could not afford upwards of $500 for under the cabinet! Here's a link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Armacost UCLs

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Also check out Environmentallights.com, they get favorable reviews in the lighting forum.

I'm using their self driven Maxlite LED bars, which can be direct wire or plug in. They also have several other systems. I have a 12, 24, 54, and 36 section to light and even with a super fancy dimmer (I decided I needed the one that works with a remote) is was only a little over 600. If I picked a more reasonable dimmer and no remove it would have been closer to 500.

If you like one of their systems, you can send your plan and they will build your system so you have all the right pieces. This is especially helpful if using a line that needs drivers, etc.

**important: if you go with EL sign up for their e-newsletter for a 10% off your order coupon **

Mine should be installed this week. GC really likes the design so far.

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Stay away from halogens. The bubs are not energy efficient, and burn much too hot.

Fluorescent fixtures (T-8 or T-5) work well and are much less expensive than LEDs. Be sure to get "instant on" fluorescents.

LEDs are newer, much more flexible for design purposes, but also 4-6 times more expensive. Unlike line voltage fluorescents, they are low voltage and need one or more transformers. This adds to the cost.

For more information of designing kitchen lighting than you can get in this forum, written by a lighting engineer, se the lonk below..

Here is a link that might be useful: Designing Efficient and Effective Kitchen Lighting

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miruca: I also used inspiredLED. You can send them a plan and they will come up with a list of what you need, and then you can pay for it. I got the designer series, which are custom-sized strips placed in very low profile bars.

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I saw this and was just pricing some Hafele LED Loox for a job so checked what it would be for yours. Depending on what you selected the cost of materials would be from $300 for as good as I'd do it to a low of about $200 for pucks using either an undercabinet switch or dimmer or a simple wall switch- wall dimmers will add a lot. All plus installation. You should find comparable prices on line. at best 10% under that.
There are a few less expensive brands out there but I also checked another brand I used to carry (like it less) and it cost more.

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I used LED UCL lighting - I like it and it will cost less in the long run (I hope)

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