leaving again

nicethymeDecember 19, 2006

I'm packing the camper, we leave tomorrow for FL for the holidays. I keep trying to figure out how to sneak glass and supplies onboard but Dh will have little tolerance for that during vacation. So I'm placating myself with the hopes that I'll find a hobby lobby near where we're going. LOL

see you all in the new year! will miss you lots.

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Have fun!! We'll miss you too!


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found a hobby lobby in Ocala! shopping trip!!! LOL

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There's no stopping her now. Hurry back!

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Have a great time, we'll miss you around here!


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Have a wonderful time and find treasure!!! Wish we had a Hobby Lobby!!!

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Home again home again jiggity jig! lol

long trip, yesterday - 9 miles from the campground, we blew a tire on the camper and it ripped heck out of the side of our trailer, tore propane lines, insulation... we'll need some body work. so sad, but my DH held her steady and got off the road quickly, so I am thankful that it wasn't worse and no one was hurt.

so nice to be home, I unpacked nearly the whole trailer tonight just to feel settled. (and to get all my hobby lobby purchases in here where I can play!) LOL I could spend my life in that store - good thing I don't have one here or I'd be broke!

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