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emagineerApril 13, 2010

Wish we had a gallery for photos like the Decorating forum. They do have a lot of ideas for smaller, but wonder how we could do this in exchange for the conversation side. For the new here, conversations just never gets used.

Maybe we could post photos on conversations and post "Go To" here to let people know something has been posted. Or are we small enough as a forum to just post photos in some form of order right here?

I got to thinking about this because our threads are getting long and missing pics now. Always love what is being done to our smaller homes, but kitchens, bedrooms, etc. tend to get lost which had some great ideas.

I'm linking to my favorite smaller house, which isn't really a house. Tis' a movie set from The Holiday. I'd love to recreate the whole thing to live in. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. Scroll down to the bottom of link to see the rooms.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dream Home

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Imagineer, I agree that a gallery would help keep all the photos together. I have no idea how to even USE the gallery concept of GWeb, I get confused by the links that lead to strange places which do not look familiar when I get there.

And I thank you very much for linking the two houses from the SGG movie. I liked elements of both (naturally I am never consistent).

Trying to live a streamlined life, as in the LA house, while residing in the small cottage, well, that is the problem. Or I should say, that is the CHALLENGE. I do not want to live with real clutter, having a visceral fear of HOARDING. You know, at what point does it quit being cozy and in lovely disarray, and start being plain old unkempt?
I think that is a fine line to walk.

I don't know how you go about requesting a gallery, but I sure do know how to upload photos. And I do agree, that the issues we deal with in our smaller homes have unique solutions which are not often featured in forums devoted to decorating or kitchen design, etc, in general. Even the appliances I prefer in my small kitchen are different than the ones I'd choose if I had a spacious kitchen. The same is true of the bath.

But sometimes, it is up to the owner of a smaller home to devote a larger space to a comfort they simply cannot do without....like having a much more spacious master suite than you'd expect in a really small house.

Glad to see you here today. I've missed everyone, even though I know that spring is too good to waste indoors!

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